Zendaya’s cinderella gown from Met Gala 2019 is still iconic three years later

2019’s Met Gala saw American actress Zendaya literally light up the show with the ultimate fairytale moment wearing an iconic Cinderella-style baby blue gown.

Three years later, the magical look is still iconic and many viewers still reflect on the fantastic fit.

Discover who designed her unforgettable dress as we explore details of the Disney-princess inspired look.

Find out why the stylish celeb, unfortunately, won’t be walking the red carpet at the 2022 fashion event.

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Zendaya’s 2019 Met Gala cinderella gown

25-year-old Emmy-winning actress Zendaya was doing magic tricks in a glowing Cinderella gown at the 2019 Met Gala as she walked the red carpet in a baby blue Tommy Hilfiger dress.

Using technology hidden beneath the skirt, her transforming dress changed colour, lit up and certainly stole the show.

Euphoria‘s star arrived at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a full-length gray dress with puffed sleeves modeled on the blue ballgown worn by Cinderella in the Disney cartoon.

The look was even complete with a Fairy Godmother as Zendaya was accompanied by her stylist, Law Roach.

At the entrance to the event, Roach waved a smoke-emitting wand and the dress slowly transformed from bottom to top, changing from a gray color to a glowing pale blue shade.

Dezeen reports that Tommy Hilfiger described the dress as “an animatronic crystal-grey silk evening gown constructed to enable both visual and physical transformations of the silhouette from understated to dramatic”.

Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images

The designer dress is still iconic three years later

It has been three years since Zendaya sparkled down the 2019 red carpet and fans still can’t get over her magical Met Gala look.

A Twitter user named @triforcelinzer confessed:

“There’s a hole in my heart that’s in the shape of Zendaya’s Cinderella gown.”

Another tweet by @mr_bat used a funny meme to suggest that English actor Tom Holland would be stopped in his tracks when spotting his girlfriend rocking the glowing gown back in 2019:

Zendaya sadly won’t be walking the 2022 red carpet

If you’ve been dying to see Zendaya follow up her iconic Cinderella gown at the 2022 Met Gala, then you’re sadly going to have to keep waiting…

The star revealed to Extra at a red carpet interview during the Euphoria For Your Consideration Emmy event that she will be skipping the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser due to scheduling conflicts:

“I don’t mean to disappoint my fans here, but I will be working.”

Zendaya continued:

“Your girl’s got to work and make some movies, so I wish everyone the best.” The actress added that she will “keep delivering in other ways.”

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After hearing the unfortunate news, a supporter named @dayapeters took to Twitter with dissapointemnt:

“No Zendaya at the Met Gala two years in a row?! What has the world come to?”

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