You’ll Have To Sit Through 16 Hours Of Unskippable Animations To Earn Your Platinum Hero Medal In Pokemon Go

Skippable dialogues should be a norm in every video game by now. Sure, you wouldn’t want to skip through important plot content, but nobody gives a damn about what a fetch quest giver has to say. Just give me the damn quest and let me go retrieve the MacGuffin or kill those bandits. Unfortunately, some games force you to sit through these cutscenes or animations, not knowing that you have more important things to do.

Pokemon Go is one such game. You’re going to have to sit through a whole lot of unskippable sequences if you want to claim that coveted Platinum Hero Medal. Considering that you need to face off against 2000 Team Rocket Go members to earn this achievement, you’ll be forced to sit through 16 hours and 40 minutes of unskippable animations. And that’s not including the actual battle.


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This calculation comes via one very patient player, who took to Reddit to inform the community about this enormous waste of time. As spotted by GameRant, Uscmissinglink broke down the time taken up by unskippable sequences in each encounter; that’s 10 seconds for the match preview and countdowns before you make your move, and 20 seconds for the post-match sequence which includes the celebrations, award lists, battle stat reviews for raid ball awards, and additional dialogues. 20 seconds is the minimum however, it could go longer depending on the encounter and the rewards.

This tallies up to 30 seconds per encounter. With 2000 Team Rocket Go members to face, that’s 1000 minutes, or 16 hours and 40 minutes of content that you need to make your way through. As mentioned earlier, this does not include the actual battle, or time taken to reach said battle, so you’re not really engaging with the game in any way, you’re just waiting for the animation to end so you can move on.

Niantic recently shared details on Pokemon Go’s upcoming Gible Community Day. The event will take place on June 6 from 11 am- 5 pm local time. Besides the increase in Gible’s appearance rate, you’ll also get a chance to nab a Shiny version of the Pokemon.

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