Why Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell Features Cinema’s Most Horrific Ending

In 2009, Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell delivered one of the most horrific endings in cinema when he made a cruel decision with his protagonist.

In the horror genre, especially movies with demonic entities, it’s safe to say the endings are usually happy ones. From The Exorcist to Sinister to The Conjuring series, directors such as James Wan just want audiences to go home with a sense of knowing the attacked families were safe. Sure, they’d find a way to franchise the properties, but ultimately, the self-contained stories concluded on positive notes, which exists with modern films like Umma as well.

However, it’s interesting to note director Sam Raimi totally bucked the trend with 2009’s Drag Me to Hell. Not only did he deliver one of the most horrific endings in the genre, but he also painted arguably the most harrowing finale in cinema history by brutally murdering the protagonist.

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Drag Me To Hell killed Christine in the end

In the film, Christine (Alison Lohman), worked as a bank mortgage officer, and despite having a good heart, she was forced to turn away an old lady, Ganush, begging for an extension on her mortgage. It turned into a painful, humiliating affair, with Ganush grabbing one of Alison’s buttons, cursing her. This led to a cheesy yet fun-filled horror romp, with ghouls haunting Alison, working to break her psyche.

In time, she learned that after three days of escalated torment, demons would drag her to hell to burn for all eternity. Thus, it became a psychological supernatural story, just as much as it was physical. Things got even more complicated when she found out the witch died, sticking her with the curse. As time passed, Alison did find a way to break it, but she needed to pass the button to someone else. She couldn’t do so to rivals and such, so she found a loophole where she placed it in an envelope and threw it in Ganush’s grave.

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Unfortunately, while she thought she struck victory right at the crack of dawn, her boyfriend, Clay, gave her the same envelope he found in his car. She apparently mixed them up, throwing Clay’s work stuff away instead and accidentally keeping the button. Raimi then crafted a mind-blowing ending at a train station, where Christine walked back in fear and fell onto the tracks.

Drag Me To Hell killed Christine in the end

Just as the train was about to hit her, a petrified Clay saw a hole open up and demons pulling her into hellfire. It was a traumatic finale, seeing her skin burn off as she yelled for help, looking at Clay and then to the heavens. The hole closed up quickly, leaving a helpless Clay broken at the station and fans stunned at the sudden, brutal ending.

What made it even more monstrous was the theory that Clay saw Christine get hit by the train, and this was just his mind hallucinating her being squashed after they saw mystical entities at seances. Ultimately, there were no post-credits to offer closure, meaning Raimi destroyed the hero he spent over 90 minutes building up in a major travesty that has fans hoping he doesn’t deal Doctor Strange, Wong or Scarlet Witch this same injustice.

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