What time will Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 4 air on Bravo? Captain Sandy’s decision to upset charter guests

Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean is all set to air the fourth episode on Monday at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo.

In the previous episode, viewers saw crew members welcoming a young group of charter guests on board. The primary guests, Kelly, Noah, and Tommy, were seen getting quite drunk and annoying the crew. Although the cast members handled them pretty well, the guests might leave the yacht in a good mood in the upcoming episode.

Episode 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 release date

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 4 will air on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. The episode will also be available on the network’s website as well as on NBC’s site. Peacock subscribers will have early access to the new episode as well.

Viewers who don’t have the Bravo channel can stream the episode via multiple TV providers, such as Sling, YouTube TV, dish, fubo TV, Spectrum, Xfinity, Philo, Optimum, and DirecTV Stream.

What to expect from the new episode?

Due to bad weather, Captain Sandy Yawn will tell the guests that the yacht will have to return to the marina, leaving the guests upset. Only time will tell whether they’ll calmly agree to the captain’s terms or showcase their disappointment while giving tips.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 4 is titled”Skeletons in the Cabin,” its official synopsis reads:

“The Chef and Chief Stew have an icy stand-off”. The guests are disappointed when incoming weather forces the boat back to the marina. The guests pile pressure on the interior with hefty rounds of drink orders and Kyle isn’t shy about his team carrying the load this charter. Capt. Sandy is faced with a shocking career first after a crew member makes a mistake during the docking.”

Earlier, chief stew Natasha Webb and chef Dave White were seen hooking up after the former tried ignoring him the previous day. In the upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterraneanthe two will discuss the weirdness going on between them.

A preview showed Webb asking White about his weird behavior. She later said in their cabin:

“You’re starting to freak me out.”

He then asked Webb whether her reason for “freaking out” was something she feared he was going to say, which the chief stew agreed with. For those unaware, the two were talking about their “secret,” which they earlier revealed in their confessional clips.

Apparently, the co-stars had an intimate relationship in their previous job, where they worked together. Webb stated that she was in a relationship with someone else at the time and thus didn’t want the secret coming out.

The preview clip further showed Captain Sandy Yawn telling the guests that she had to take the yacht back to the marina. While returning, she hit the dock, which might lead to consequences.

Another preview showed that bosun Raygan Tyler was instructing the captain on how close the yacht was to the dock. She didn’t alert Sandy until deckhand Jason Gaskell shouted that they would make contact. Captain Sandy didn’t seem thrilled with the result as she claimed it was the first time she hit the dock in her life.

Only time will tell whether Raygan will stay on the yacht or if it was the last straw for the captain. Earlier, her deckhands and charter guests had complained to Sandy regarding the bosun and her unprofessional behavior.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 airs a new episode every Monday on Bravo at 8:00 pm ET.


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