What Is Britney Spears’ Relationship With Her Kids?

In recent days, Britney Spears has been embroiled in some family drama, specifically as it relates to her ex-husband Kevin Federline and their children: Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15. Through it all, more light has been shed on the relationship Spears currently has with her two sons.

What is Britney Spears’ relationship with her kids?

A few days ago, Federline said of his and Spears’ children, “The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now. It’s been a few months since they’ve seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding.” Spears responded with an Instagram Story, writing, “It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children … As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone.. It concerns me the fact that the reason is based on my Instagram … it was LONG before Instagram … I gave them everything. Only one word: HURTFUL … I’ll say it … My mother told me ‘You should GIVE them to their dad.’ I’m sharing this because I can. Have a good day folks!!!”

Later, Spears’ husband Sam Asghari chimed in, “There is no validity to his statement regarding the kids distancing themselves and it is irresponsible to make that statement publicly. The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the ‘tough’ part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model.”

In a more recent Instagram post that has since been deleted, Spears indicated that her children have indeed distanced themselves, writing, “I looked forward to seeing my kids every week … It was 2 days a week but I asked him to ask to stay for more days … maybe 3 days … but then the next week they stayed for only one day . Yeah, I know that teenagers are just hard to deal with at that age … but COME ON, there’s being rude then there’s being HATEFUL…. they would visit me, walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door!!! The MONITOR would tell me that he just likes to be in his room … I’m like why come visit me if they don’t even visit me !!! […] I always TRIED and TRIED, and maybe that’s why they stopped coming here !!! I wanted them to love me so much that I might have overdone it!!!”

The latest public development of the situation came last night, when Federline shared videos of Spears arguing with her sons. He wrote, “I can not sit back and let my sons be accused in this way after what they’ve been through. As much as it hurts us, we decided as a family to post these videos the boys took when they were 11 & 12. This isn’t even the worst of it. The lies have to stop. I hope our kids grow up to be better than this.”

In one of the videos (from four years ago, based on Federline’s timeline), Spears says, “This is my house. If I wanna come in here and give you lotion for your face ’cause it is coarse, and all you tell me is, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine’… No, it’s not fine. You better all start respecting me, are we clear? […] You all need to start treating me like a woman with worth. I am a woman, OK? Be nice to me. Do you understand?”


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