What Happened To Tim Curry

Legendary actor Tim Curry exploded into prominence with a showstopping performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but unfortunate health developments tragically curtailed the actor’s career. A series of classic roles cemented his status as a powerhouse character actor, but Curry is sadly now confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, Curry has returned to the stage and continues to work as a voice actor.

Tim Curry’s career began in the theater, appearing as several characters in the classic musical, Hair. A subsequent string of successful stage show performances led to the starring role in Richard O’Brien’s cult classic musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Curry embodied the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter so triumphantly that he was asked to reprise his character in the subsequent movie adaptation. Curry, however, did not appear in Shock Treatment, the unofficial sequel that also recast Brad and Janet. Curry returned to the stage throughout the 1970s, before displaying his acting prowess in a wide range of movie roles. Curry starred as the Devil in Legend, pirate villain Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Islandand was, of course, the original killer clown, Pennywise, in the miniseries It. However, in 2012, Curry suffered a stroke that significantly impacted his health.


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Tim Curry has mostly left live-action roles behind following his ill health, but still makes incredible use of his iconic voice. His trademark combination of English elegance and sumptuous sleaze brought great depths to his many voice-acting roles. Notably, these have included the hit children’s show, The Wild Thornberrys, made for Nickelodeon – a channel praised for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity – and Darth Sidious in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Following his stroke, Curry reprised his role as Frank-N-Furter at a live table-read of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and portrayed the narrator in a remake/tribute released in 2016 by Fox. Heartwarming footage has also captured Curry’s dedication to his Rocky Horror fan base, regularly appearing at conventions and signings, despite reports he once tried to distance himself from his iconic performance.

Is Tim Curry Appearing In Any Upcoming Movies Or TV Shows?

Curry continues to delight audiences despite his health issues, though in roles less frightening than his horrifying performance in Criminal Minds. In an upcoming dark fantasy animation, Dagon: Troll World Chronicles, Curry will voice Necrofer the Death Bringer, a demon sent to kill the titular hitman, Dagon. The movie is currently in production with a no set release date but is expected sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, Tim Curry has no upcoming live-action roles but continues to appear at fan conventions, including the forthcoming Monsterpalooza. Curry is continuing to rehabilitate with physical and speech therapy, and despite this has spent the last 10 years voicing video games and cartoons, and even returned to the stage to sing hits from his illustrious career, suggesting that as his health continues to improve, fans may see a return to form for the “Sweet Transvestite” himself.

Tim Curry remains one of the most talented, beloved, and enigmatic actors in the entertainment industry. He repeatedly expresses his gratitude for the outpouring of love his fans showered upon him in 2012, and has seemingly dedicated himself to returning the favor. Despite his present circumstances, Curry continues to work on both stage and screen, dedicated to his craft and future health.

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