Uzbekistan National Park acquires a new look

UZBEKISTAN, August 28 – The Head of the state got acquainted with construction and landscaping activities carried out in the National Park of Uzbekistan.

The park is well known to everyone. It was created in 1932 and for many years it was a favorite place of residents. Recently, new complexes have appeared on the territory of the park – Writers’ Alley, Writers’ Union building, Tashkent City History Museum and Magic City entertainment center.

The President noted the need for preserving the historical appearance of this park, to create an atmosphere in the spirit of national traditions.

By this, large-scale activity has been carried out on the territory of more than 14 hectares. An administrative building, restaurants were built, bridges and roads were repaired. The lake with a total area of ​​40 thousand square meters has been restored. The bottom of the lake is laid with a special coating to prevent shallowing and silting. A swimming area with a beach is organized. More than a thousand trees and about 200 thousand shrubs have been planted.

The Head of the state talked with elders, literature and art figures. Congratulating them on the upcoming Independence Day, he spoke about the importance of this park.

“The changes taking place in our cities today are pleasant. But we must also respect our values ​​and memory. This park was once the most famous place in Tashkent and has become one of its symbols. People came here for a walk. Artists looked for inspiration. The most joyful moments for students and youth took place here. We need to harmonize this past with the present”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The national park has all the conditions for spending a good time. The visitors can walk with family or friends, have a snack, play checkers, chess and tennis, ride a bike.

“We all know well the songs from famous movies, such as “Lovely Tashkent”, and the songs, they are deeply rooted in our hearts”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted. – That’s why we focused on the fact that such melodies are constantly heard in this park. I think it would be appropriate to hold poetry evenings, concerts, and make movies here, as before. This will make our park even more beautiful.

Elders expressed their joy that the park had reopened in a new, lovely appearance.

Source: UzA



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