Tom Holland Hopes for MCU Spider-Man and Daredevil Team-Up

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: There is no room for home!

Tom Holland revealed his hopes for a future MCU team between Spider-Man and Daredevil, admitting that he was a “huge fan” of the Charlie Cox series on Netflix.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has featured plenty of fan-satisfying cameos, including a brief on-screen appearance from Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. Holland recently reflected on the scene he shared with Cox, praising his experience with the Daredevil actor and hinting that the crossover “harasses the future of what could be” for their characters in the MCU.

“Working with Charlie was incredibly exciting,” Holland told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview. “I was a huge fan of Daredevil Serial, and I think he’s a great actor. He did a great job with that character, and while it was a small cameo, it’s clear he teases the future of what could be. This scene was a real cast piece.”

He continued, “It felt like a workshop for actors while working with people I really look up to, and Charlie was so much fun.” “It was really cool to see him return to a character that I really admire and that he loves so much, obviously. So it was really cool, and I hope one day we’ll find a way for Spider-Man and Daredevil to team up again.”

No Way Home saw Cox reprise his role as Matt Murdock for the first time since 2018, though rather than dress up as a daredevil, he fits in with Peter Parker’s attorney in a scene with Marisa’s aunt Tommy May and Jon Favreau Said Hogan side-by-side with the Netherlands. Spider-Man, who is in trouble after being accused of murder and his identity revealed.

The two have only shared a fleeting moment together on screen, but it looks like we’ll get more of Cox’s cameo when No Way Home arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. The discs will apparently boast over 100 minutes of extra footage, including some deleted scenes — one of which is titled “Happyy’s Good Lawyer,” which runs for 1 minute 35 seconds.

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In addition to a Blu-ray and DVD release, No Way Home will be swinging on its way to Starz “sometime in the next six months.” Many people had been hoping that the third Holland Spider-Man movie would move to Netflix and Disney+, especially after the deals Sony made with the streaming giants, however, it’s worth noting that these deals only covered Sony movies from 2022 to 2022 .

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