The Republican Clown Show at Yesterday’s Ketanji Jackson Brown Hearing, Summarized

(Official US Senate photo by Renee Bouchard)

If you watched the Ketanji Jackson Brown confirmation hearings yesterday, you got a snootful of nonsensical grandstanding by the right wing Republican clowns of the United States Senate.

They are strutted. They preened. They misrepresented facts. They advanced GQP conspiracy theories. They pretended to care about something other than themselves. One of them even got up and stomped out of the committee meeting in a big show of faux outrage over the points he himself had raised.

I haven’t seen such obscenely dishonest behavior since Nero played his lyre in Quo Vadis.

I could go into long detail about why the “points” that these embarrassments to the Senate tried to raise were not actual points, but just playingacting for votes, but it’s too tiresome. Those of you with any memory of factual reality already know that this was theater for the Republican base. Frankly, grandstanding and lies is all the new GQP has to offer.

I for what will become of us — and I mean what will happen to you, me, our kids, and our grandkids — if any one of these shameless nothing burgers gets what he or she is aiming for and is elected president. America literally can’t survive many more of these Republican presidents.

As I said, I could go long on this and explain in detail why the nonsense they were spouting was nonsense. But, frankly, if you don’t already know that, you’re not too swift. So, I’ll go short.

Here, in list format, is the skinny on the Republican clown show in yesterday’s Senate confirmation hearing on Ketanji Jackson Brown’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

1. The rehash of the Kavanaugh confirmation. The senators replayed this so that they could express their outrage at being shown for the rapist-loving, woman-hating, misogynist trash that they are. Kavanaugh should NEVER have been confirmed. But they did it anyway. Because … well because of the reasons above. But like all rapist-loving, woman-hating, misogynist trash, they don’t like it when events reveal their corrupt and rotten inner core. They get furious and try to punish uppity women. That’s all this was.

2. The questioning about critical race theory and the allusion by good ‘ole Lindsey Graham about how the Kavanaugh hearings tried to make Kavanaugh seem like “Bill Cosby.” Why Bill Cosby as opposed to some other rapist? Why the grilling on critical race theory? The reason is that the Republican Party has won most of its elections for the past 40 years on the support of its whore preachers and by race baiting. This was race baiting.

3. Asking Judge Brown how often she goes to church. This one is obvious. This was a sop for the whore preachers who have literally sold their souls to the devil of partisan politics on behalf of their tin elephant god. Those preachers need something to point to when they tell their faithful followers that Judge Brown is the devil and Lindsey Graham (who asked the question) is a “good Christian man.” This was religion baiting.

4. Attacking Judge Brown because she had ruled that torturing prisoners in Guantanamo and holding them for years without charging them with a crime violated the Constitution. It does violate the Constitution. Read the document. More than that, this action by the Bush Administration of taking people off the streets and imprisoning them indefinitely without charging them with a crime, and also of making torturing them an official American policy is sorta Nazi folks. It’s a horrible violation of the ideals America stands for. The Republicans went ballistic in support of these things yesterday because, evidently, they are sorta Nazi themselves.

Throughout the whole day of insane pummeling by the circus act we call today’s Republican Party, Judge Brown kept her cool. She gave intelligent answers to decidedly unintelligent questions posed by senators who don’t give a care about anything at all.

These same senators were the ring leaders in the Jan 6 attempt to refuse to ratify the electoral vote, overturn the election and install Trump as a dictator. They voted against a commission to investigate the coup attempt, which is what you would expect any self-respecting criminal to do when the topic of the investigation is his or her own crime.

They backed Trump when he tried to extort Zelenskyy by withholding military aid from Ukraine.

They are, in short, much worse than a clown act. They are traitors to this country and enemies of our democracy. They are the enemy within.

The fact that they are also racist, misogynist creeps who love to act and perform rather than do their jobs just kinda keeps them consistent.

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