The Joker Gets His Own Robin In Gotham’s Future

In the latest issue of DC’s Future State: Gotham, the original Joker returns to show the next generation how it’s done and recruits a new protégé.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Gotham #12

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Future State: Gotham, the original Joker is taking on a protégé (not unlike having his own Robin). Intending to teach the next generation how to be a true Clown Prince of Crime in a city taken over by the paramilitary group known as the Magistrate, Gotham’s original Joker has returned to Gotham after a long absence. Taking the newly introduced Next Joker under his wing, a much darker Dynamic Duo has been born in this latest issue.

In recent issues of Future State: Gotham from writer Dennis Culver and artist Giannis Milonogiannis, Jason Todd’s Peacekeeper Red and the Next Batman Jace Fox have joined forces, first fighting the villain known as Warmonger and his to mind control all of Gotham. However, they’ve since entered a battle with a foe calling himself the Next Joker, a large and monstrous villain who’s modeled himself after the original Clown Prince of Crime. He also found a means to hack into and turn the Magistrate’s drones into his own Joker-Bots, creating a large army to bend the city to his will.


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Even so, Jason and Jace managed to defeat the Next Joker using a massive EMP to short out his exo-suit which had been holding his large mass upright. However, the new villain’s prison transport was attacked by none other than the original Joker. Revealing that his absence from Gotham was due to the disappearance of his Batman, the original Joker is impressed by this new Joker. Now, it seems as though the two Jokers will be teaming up, with the original Clown Prince teaching the Next Joker how to take his supercriminal career to the next level.


Now that the original Joker has returned to Gotham to work with the Next Joker, one can imagine an equal response from the city’s heroes. While Batman faked his death to take on the Magistrate, Joker would absolutely be the one villain to bring him out of the even deeper-than-normal shadows the Dark Knight entered in Gotham’s future. Likewise, it would be exciting to see him team up with the Next Batman, an act of symmetry that would no doubt lead to an epic showdown between Jokers and Batmen.

Now that Joker has his own dark protégé to rival Robin, he stands to make an incredibly destructive comeback in Gotham. The Next Joker was already quite frightening, and learning from the original can only make him even more terrifying. Two Jokers are definitely worse than one, and fans will just have to wait and see what the dual Clown Princesses have planned as Future State: Gotham continues from DC Comics.

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