The best WoW addons in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

World of Warcraft, generally speaking, has a stunning, yet intuitive and beginner-friendly UI design that has only, over the years, improved. No matter the effort and thought the Blizzard Entertainment developers put into the user interface, the WoW The community, above all, takes delight in customizing almost every aspect of the game since it goes hand in hand with the spirit of MMORPGs.

Although commonly used for UI customizations, WoW addons are not limited to interface makeovers. WoW Addons can, rather, be used to find the rare ore and herb spawns, the best-in-slot gear, and guide you through demanding boss encounters.

Since Wrath of the Lich King Classic is at our doorstep with pre-patch going live on Aug. 30, arming yourself with essential Wrath of the Lich King addons ahead of time can only make the launch day experience even better. So, as we stockpiled the key addons for the release of Wrath of the Lich Kingwe’ve decided to share our list with you.

Quest Helper

Since Blizzard is removing the built-in quest helper from Wrath of the Lich King, Quest Helper will be an indispensable addon for leveling and, later, daily quests. Quest Helper helps you find quest givers, locations, monsters, and items in order to conclude your leveling as soon as possible. With an extensive database of NPCs, quest rewards, and hidden quests, Quest helper will always be in your service as one of the most valuable addons you can get.

Deadly Boss Modes

Although Deadly Boss Modes is an essential tool for competitive raiders and dungeon masters, having this addon at hand can definitely save the day in any PvE encounter. Since Deadly Boss Modes both audibly and visually warns you about the critical boss abilities, you can react in time, and either interrupt, dodge, or run away from the boss. On top of that, Deadly Boss Modes is packed with game-changing features such as colored raid warnings, options to create custom timers, load on demand, and custom health frames.


WoW players, historically speaking, get a buzz from topping the DPS and healing charts. So, if you want to see your name as the top DPS or a healer, Recount is a must-have addon. Although Recount is primarily oriented toward showingcasing the sheer damage or healing output, it has also proved to be highly useful when it comes to mastering your class. Since Recount, when hovering a specific player, gives a quick rundown of the most damaging or healing abilities, you can painlessly fix your rotation and increase your damage output the next time around.

Atlasloot Enhanced

Gear progression and gear, in general, have always been deciding factors for character progression and overall game experience. With Atlasloot Enhanced, you can always check and double-check the dungeon’s loot table and decide if is it even worth it. Since Atlasloot Enhanced is incredibly easy to use, it’s a better solution to tabbing between windows only to learn what exact loot can drop from, for example, Anub’arak.


In Wrath of the Lich King, we saw the first hints of item levels. Although principally the same, the gear score in Wrath of the Lich King is calculated by simply adding up the item levels. So, to avoid hand calculating both you and your group’s gear score, simply download the GearScore addon that will always come in handy.


Without the customization options, WoW wouldn’t be the game we know today. Since UI customizations play an integral role in both the older and newer versions of WoW, Bartender4, which allows you to transform the classic Blizzard-made UI into a personalized UI packed with relevant information to you, is an absolute necessity. With ten action bars, pet bars, stance bars, and extra layouts and paging settings, you can tailor a UI to your needs.


Simple and unbelievably useful, the Bagnon addon merges all your bags into three separate windows—bank, guild, and inventory. Highly customizable addon, Bagnon also has search options and suggestive item colorings that save the time wasted on searching through your inventory.


Since WoW has often times proved to be difficult to follow due to an abundance of spells, colors, and effects, MikScrollingBattleText can help you keep track of current buffs, debuffs, dots, and CCs. Besides, MikScrollingBattleText helps with cooldown management by indicating when crucial cooldowns are ready and available for use.

Bonus tip: If you have already played The Burning Crusadethere’s no need for downloading the addons, but you can simply update your current ones.

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