The 8 Funniest Quotes From Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction has gained the title of a cult classic and is considered one of the most popular movies of all time. The movie’s interconnected storylines employ Tarantino’s signature blend of farcical plots, funny violence, and tongue-in-cheek humor to draw out laughs from the audience.

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The movie features brilliant comedic writing and some of the wackiest characters in post-modern cinema. It is the gold standard of dark comedy, and it deserves perpetual praise for its successful play of morbid and comic elements. Whilst the movie is packed with funny lines and quirky observations, these ones, in particular, stand out.


When The Hawthorne Grill Waitress Educates Pumpkin

“Garçon Means Boy.”

The waitress refills a coffe cup as Honey Bunny and Pumpkin watch in Pulp Fiction

The crucial diner robbery scene with the small-time thugs and lovers, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin, sets the mood of the film before the credits even roll. As the duo goes over their plan of attack, Pumpkin calls the diner waitress, yelling, “Garçon, coffee!”

The waitress, who arrives in no time with a pot of coffee in her hand explains that “Garçon” is in fact French for “boy” and her words provide the much-needed comic relief at the moment. The quote also points out that Pumpkin is nothing but a pretentious man who’s not afraid to sound stupid.

Vincent Vega Talks About Quarter-Pounders

“They Call It A Royale With Cheese.”

Jules and Vincent in a car in Pulp Fiction

The memorable duo, Jules and Vincent, each have many great Pulp Fiction quotes to their credit. Their car conversation is rooted in zany humor, and this hilarious dialogue shines as the funniest of the movie.

While outlining the differences between Europe and America, Vincent has a question for his fellow hitman, Jules, whose in the driver’s seat. Since he’s recently traveled around Europe, he’s observed a few things about the European way of life. Vincent starts a conversation about the differences between the European McDonald’s franchise and the American. He mentions the Parisian name for a “Quarter Pounder” is “Royale with Cheese” and the two men break into a giggle. The mundane humor is a great example of Pulp Fiction‘s brilliant comedic writing, and it’s one of the reasons why Reddit believes Pulp Fiction is a movie that every film lover needs to see.

Jules Winnfield’s Burger Questions

“What Do They Call A Big Mac?”

Jules Winfield in a car in Pulp Fiction

Jules, who loves the taste of a good burger, wants to know what they call a Big Mac and a Whopper in Paris. When Vincent tells him that a Big Mac is known as “Le Big Mac,” he immediately repeats the name in a mawkish French accent.

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Jules and Vicen’s iconic conversation points to the fact that Pulp Fiction wasn’t afraid to test the limits of mundane humor. Although the dialogue is simple, thanks to Jules’ cadence and the duo’s rat-a-tat timing, fans still think about this Pulp Fiction scene today.

Jules Winnfield Jokes About Relocating To Amsterdam

“Oh, Man! I’m Going. That’s All There Is To It.”

Jules Winnfield shooting a man in Pulp Fiction.

Jules isn’t someone who’s afraid to speak his mind. His character represents every strength and weakness of the human spirit. His morality is questionable, he tries to redeem himself by the end, and for a brief moment, considers moving to Amsterdam after hearing the Dutch law has declared it illegal for cops to search people without a permit.

Once again, mundane and zany humor elevates the conversation between the two men. The two men intelligently discuss the policing laws, and it’s comical how Jules thinks he must move to Amsterdam for greater leeway in his shady deals. Jules is unapologetic about his way of life and that’s exactly why Vincent can be heard saying, “I know baby, you’d dig it the most.”

When Mia Wallace Draws A Rectangle

“Don’t Be A… [Draws Rectangle]”

Mia Wallace draws a rectangle in a car as Vincent Vega Watches in Pulp Fiction

While parked outside Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Mia convinces Vince to join him in the fun. She tells him to branch out a little by miming a rectangle while, in fact, implying she doesn’t want him to be a square.

This Mia Wallace quote from Pulp Fiction makes fans think harder than any other character’s quotes. Some fans think Mia draws the rectangle on purpose, others think the filmmakers overlooked the obvious mistake. In any case, Mia’s firecracker personality leads her to have a hilarious line in the movie. If it wasn’t for these words, Vincent would have pressed harder for them to visit a regular steakhouse.

When Mia Isn’t Afraid To Call Vincent & His Company Of Contract Killers Out

“When You Little Scamps Get Together, You’re Worse Than A Sewing Circle.”

Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

Mia’s sharp quote is perceived as funny because she’s calling out the man who made the mistake of her about her husband (Marsellus Wallace) killing a man for massaging her feet.

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Fans find it endearing that Mia called a hitman of Vincent’s reputation a “scamp.” It’s absolutely comical how she says Vicente and his fellow mobsters are nothing but mischievous rogues who love to engage in rumor-mongering.

Mia Wallace’s Fox Force Five Joke

“Three Tomatoes Are Walkin’ Down The Street. Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato, And Baby Tomato…”

Mia Wallace In Pulp Fiction

Full quote: “…Baby Tomato Starts Lagging Behind And Papa Tomato Gets Really Angry. Goes Back And Squishes Him And Says, ‘Catch Up.”

Mia starred in a pilot named Fox Force Five that never made it. She played a character named Raven McCoy who knew “a zillion old jokes.”

When Vincent finally hears the Fox Force Five joke, it makes him and the viewers chuckle. In Mia’s own words, this wordplay-based joke on “ketchup” is “corny” but it serves a greater purpose at the moment. It’s an indication that she has finally learned to trust Vincent as a friend.

Vincent Is Concerned About The $5 Milkshake

“You Think I Can Have A Sip Of That? I Gotta Know What A Five-Dollar Shake Tastes Like.”

Vincent drinks the five-dollar milkshake in Pulp Fiction

The most realistic dialogue from Pulp Fiction is the quirkiest of all. Viewers find themselves chuckling at the fact that Vincent, a person who is anything but conventional, doesn’t believe that a milkshake can ever be worth $5.

The comedy originates in dark humor and Tarantino’s ability to exploit human eccentricities and create a sense of realism in non-plot-driving conversations. Vincent’s hitman persona is just a front for his goofy and eccentric mannerisms. Deep down, he’s just a guy with a warped moral sense who wouldn’t drop $5 on a milkshake, come what may.

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