The 2022 NHL All-Star game is packed with Las Vegas flair and flavor

Las vigas — The 2022 Honda NHL All-Star was a magical game. Later. she was. Magician Murray performed illusions and card tricks during timeout while top hockey players performed their trademark sleight of hand at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday.

This has been Las Vegas, the home of super entertainment and one of the best teams in the NHL since the Vegas Golden Knights joined as an expansion team in 2017-18. The goal was to celebrate a venue like no other with an all-star game like no other.

After the Metropolitan Division defeated the Central Division 5-3 in the 3v3 Tournament Final, Elvis Presley’s voice played as it usually does after matches for the Golden Knights.

“Long live Vegas!”

“I just think when you sit down and watch it from a fan’s perspective, I think the fact that he’s in Vegas allows you to take chances and do things you wouldn’t normally do in terms of events, productions and things,” Golden Knights coach Peter Debor said.

“And I think it was great. I think that’s the way the game is going, the way we want to market it, the way we want to sell it. I think this is the perfect place to be able to try some of these things that traditional markets don’t try.”

Where else will a pre-game show include a pair of exploding red dice, showgirls in sparkling gold outfits, and Elvis and Sinatra impersonators on skates?

Where else can an arena turn into a nightclub for player intros, with Zedd playing a DJ and a light show playing on video screens and the ice itself?

Where else would it not be enough to have a top performer perform on a makeshift podium on the ice between the semi-finals and finals?

Here, the NHL used cables to suspend a small stage from the rafters. Dressed in a shiny silver suit, Machine Gun Kelly climbed aboard and soared high above the ice.

Early in the show, he sang as he slowly descended. Later, he sang on the main stage, on the ice and even as he was lying on his back on the ice as if he was about to make a snow angel.

“An easy city to sell, isn’t it?” Golden Knights Defense Alex Petrangelo He said. “We all know what Vegas has to offer.”

Yes. Now, anyway.

Not long ago, there were a lot of misconceptions about Las Vegas as a city and as a potential hockey city. Owner Bill Foley set out to create a franchise that would cater to locals, not tourists, and give the city an identity outside of the Gaza Strip.

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It was a huge success, with the Golden Knights becoming instant contenders for the Stanley Cup and the T-Mobile Arena becoming one of the NHL’s busiest rinks, especially in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Turns out it has the best of both worlds – locals, tourists, community and sector.

“In the first year, we didn’t know if we were going to win ten games, we didn’t know if we had a fold that ran out of all these things and all these things, and look where we are now,” the striker said. Jonathan Marquesaultwho has been with the Golden Knights since the 2017 NHL Expansion Project.

“We have an All-Star game here, so I think the city, the organisation, has come a long way. We’ve done a lot of good things. It’s great for the city that they came here, and I think the people are happy.”

Apparently the locals were a big part of the 17,419 selling crowd. They shouted loudly “Knight!” In the usual place in the national anthem of the United States. They cheered the Vegas representatives for the Pacific Division: DeBoer, Pietrangelo, Marchessault and the Strikers Mark Stone. They shouted “Go, knights, go!” During the final match despite the departure of the Golden Knights players.

He defeated the Metropolitan Pacific 6-4 in the first semi-final. He defeated the Central Atlantic Division 8-5 in the second.

But since Las Vegas is home to so many transplants and a destination to so many tourists, there’s probably more variety in T-shirts in the stands than ever before at an All-Star Game. The place is like a rainbow. It wouldn’t be surprising if each of the 32 NHL teams were represented.

Where else can you see it?

“Obviously, people visit Vegas a lot,” Petrangelo said. “But this is probably the first time someone has seen the environment — first, what Vegas offers, but two, what we can offer as an organization.

“I think people who haven’t been in any game here can kind of see the environment at this small sample size, and hopefully that will bring them back to maybe spend some time here in town and watch the regular season games or a playoff game, because that’s when this city really shines.” Oh really “.


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