Joe Biden’s Nickname For Donald Trump Completely Backfired

Joe Biden’s Nickname For Donald Trump Completely Backfired

Over the years, Donald Trump has been known as Scooby Coup, Dolt 45, Tangerine Palpatine, Drinks with Two Hands, Vanity Manatee, Penis Pumpkinhead, Hair Farce One, The Big Lie-bowski, King Baby Coward, Old Wack Donald, Ole Yeller , and Jackass O’Lantern — and those are just Stephen Colbert’s nicknames for the former-president. Joe Biden added … Read more

Matt Damon Crypto Ad Remembered After Recent Bitcoin Crash

If it seemed like a wise idea to ditch normal currency for an untested and unregulated digital realm bound to attract grifters and general instability, perhaps it’s time to think again. Over the last six months, cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable crypto, which others in the market tend to emulate — have … Read more

Lauren Boebert Tried To Be Clever W/A ‘Cow Flatulence’ Tweet

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s feeling tooted up in a new way, which is perhaps a natural turn in events (after tweeting to a user named @CatTurd2) because she’s actually tweeting about tooting. Yes, it’s all coming full circle. To briefly recap Boebert’s adventures, she’s very excited about Elon Musk buying Twitter and putting “free speech … Read more

Seth Meyer Dubs Rudy Giuliani ‘The Weirdest Man’ In Politics

Regardless of political affiliation, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that Rudy Giuliani is a very odd man. But Seth Meyers has now been thrown down the gauntlet and declared the former New York City mayor “the weirdest man in the history of politics” and, well, you’d probably have a difficult time … Read more

Sarah Palin Called ‘Unwell’ By Former John McCain Adviser

Over the weekend, one longtime Republican decided he’d been quiet long enough. Steve Schmidt, a strategist who managed John McCain’s unsuccessful presidential run in 2008, took to Twitter, where he proceeded to unleash hell upon Meghan McCain, who was already smarting from surreally lousy hardcover book sales. Then he came for his old boss’ notorious … Read more

Meghan McCain Called ‘Bully’ By One Of Her Father’s Advisors

Things haven’t been great for Meghan McCain. Since leaving The View last summer, she’s been quietly dragged by her former colleagues. She released a memoir, bad Republican, which did well when it was released exclusively as an audiobook on Audible but tanked very, very, very badly when it belatedly hit hardcover. Now one of her … Read more

DJ Pauly D Appeared As An Inflation Expert On Fox News

Jersey Shore star Pauly D recently appeared on Jesse Watters Primetime where the DJ and tanning enthusiast was asked about his thoughts on inflation because nothing is real anymore. While the interview took place almost a week ago, it only just now started making the rounds on Twitter after a screencap of Pauly D’s appearance … Read more

Frank Langella Responds To Netflix’s Misconduct Allegations

Frank Langella has been canceled. But he’s not about to go away quietly. In mid-April, reports began surfacing that the 84-year-old Oscar nominee had been fired from his role in Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher over misconduct allegations. The celebrated actor had no immediate comment at the time, but now he’s speaking … Read more

Madison Cawthorn Denies He’s A ‘Drag Queen’ In New Video

Madison Cawthorn wasn’t always grabbing as many headlines as fellow newbie MAGA lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. But lately that’s changed. The North Carolina representative seems to have enraged his own party members, partly by claiming that Congress is full of orgy-loving cokeheads, partly because he keeps getting busted bringing loaded handguns through … Read more