Black Bird Episode 5: The Devil Is in the Details

Trigger Warning: Death, murder, sexual assault, torture. Spoiler Warning through Black Bird Episode 5. Has the reveal of a bike for a child’s birthday ever instilled such visceral horror? There are many different ways to categorize crime shows, but ultimately it comes down to two types: those where the corpse matters, and those in which … Read more

What We Do in the Shadows Review: Season 4 Sharpens Its Stakes

Four seasons in, What We Do in the Shadows, FX’s vampire mockumentary from the mind of Jemaine Clement, is still one of TV’s best comedies. Through the first four episodes of the new season for review, the show effortlessly flexes and reframes its scope, tightly following its protagonists on their shared journey. The show feels … Read more

Ted Helped Redefine Anthropomorphic Comedy 10 Years Ago

In 1999, the first episode of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy premiered on Fox right after the Super Bowl. The show quickly won audiences over with its slapstick comedy, vulgar humor and relatability. But what really stuck with people were two characters: A talking baby named Stewie and a talking family dog ​​named Brian. Of course, … Read more

The Magic of Only Murders in the Building Is Its Simple Humor

Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes. Barry pivots effortlessly between surreal moments of hilarity and bots of abject devastation. Succession is one of the funniest shows on TV despite being a Shakespearean family drama. And What We Do in the Shadows mines humor from low-hanging vampire jokes that, like its characters, never grow old. … Read more

Philip Baker Hall, Prolific Character Actor and Paul Thomas Anderson Favorite, Dies at 90

If you spotted a gruff captain, teacher, mentor or other leadership figure in a film or TV show, there’s a good chance that—if the acting was good—that person was played by Philip Baker Hall. The prolific character actor stole scenes with a gravitas that could be spun into sincere paternal compassion or worked overtime for … Read more

Return to Gotham: Mark Hamill’s Voice Blessed Batman: The Animated Series with the “Joker’s Favor”

Editor’s Note: This year, the iconic Batman: The Animated Series turns 30 years old. “Return to Gotham” is a monthly column looking back at the cartoon that remains a touchstone of the superhero genre and one of the most iconic portrayals of The Dark Knight. Of all the things about Batman: The Animated Series you … Read more

As MoviePass Reboots, Here Is Your Ticket To 4 Competing Movie Theater Subscription Service Apps

It might’ve eventually flamed out in an epic blaze of popcorn-scented glory, but there is no denying the fact that MoviePass massively disrupted the theater business during its brief run as the leader of the Wild West of theater services subscription. But with the service again under the control of original founder Stacy Spikes and … Read more

Gaslighting Is the Key to a Successful Shining Girls Adaptation

Lauren Beukes’ 2013 speculative murder mystery The Shining Girls has some pretty solid hooks: A serial killer, a time-traveling house, a list of “shining girls” to murder across decades, and the victim who survives. For many readers, that was enough to express how impossible it would be to catch such a killer if he could … Read more

Encino Man 30 Years Out of the Ice: An Unironic Celebration

What is a dumb movie? Is it one that makes no sense, one that rolls your eyes and shatters your sense of disbelief? Is it bad, uninspired, maybe even unwatchable? Is it regarded with contempt and tossed to the side, destined to be forgotten except maybe in a vague memory? Encino Man graced our screens … Read more