Ad-Supported Streaming Is Coming. One Stock to Buy Now.

Ad-Supported Streaming Is Coming.  One Stock to Buy Now.

Text size Redbox’s 36,000 DVD-rental kiosks are now owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. Dreamtime One of this year’s most surprising tech deals was the acquisition of the movie-rental kiosk chain Redbox by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment . Don’t let the name fool you: Chicken Soup for the Soul is a … Read more

Evan Peters Transforms Into Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer For New Netflix Series

No stranger to macabre characters, actor Evan Peters is embodying one of history’s most notorious serial killers for a new TV series. The “American Horror Story” star plays the title role in “Dahmer ― Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” due out next week. On Friday, Netflix unveiled the first trailer for the 10-episode series, showing … Read more

‘Glass Onion’ And ‘The Menu’ Might Punish The Rich — But They’re Profoundly Empty

We have reached an awkward point in pop culture when roasting the rich on-screen, or even simply attaching the “obscenely” descriptor to this elite segment of the population, is considered a satisfying enough rebuke of corrupt capitalism that favors white people above all others . Add a kooky murder, an A-list cast, and bone-dry humor … Read more

YouTube, Amazon Muscling Ahead Of Netflix, While Pluto, HBO, Hulu, And Peacock Chase From Behind

Youtube logo on iPad screen. getty A new way of ranking brands suggests that YouTube and Amazon are winning against streaming giant Netflix, while a host of smaller players are catching it from behind. YouTube and Prime Video ranked one and two, respectively, while the fastest-growing streaming brands are Pluto TV, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock … Read more

Big Streamers Like Netflix Now Hold The Power And Next-Gen Winners Are Emerging

Streaming has killed the cable star getty This past July, for the first time ever, TV watchers in the US spent more time streaming than they did watching cable or traditional linear broadcast TV. Bingers and casual viewers spent 35% of their total TV time streaming, and they streamed an average of 190 billion minutes … Read more

Best Free Streaming Video Services

You have literally dozens of free ad-supported alternatives to paid streaming services. For example, most smart TVs now either offer their own free services, or let you access the ones included on this list directly from the set. Here are some additional free services you can try. • is a newer ad-supported streaming service … Read more

The 5 Biggest Media And Entertainment Technology Trends In 2022

The media and entertainment industry is driven by technology. This includes everything from cutting-edge special effects developed for movies (and then adopted across other industries) to streaming media, virtual reality gaming, and new delivery channels for news, music, and advertising. The 5 Biggest Media And Entertainment Technology Trends In 2022 Adobe Stock During the pandemic, … Read more

Netflix Reveals First DVD It Ever Shipped, Asks Users To Share Ones They ‘Forgot’ To Return

Gather round, young ones, here’s a tale of a time before streaming. In the olden times of the mid-1990s, we had to endure moments away from our couches to venture to stores like Blockbuster to rent DVDs — small discs we would feed to machines to show us movies. While these stores were brimming with … Read more

Are You Streaming in the Best Quality Possible?

Photo: M-Production (Shutterstock) To me, video quality matters. I try to watch TV and movies in the best possible resolution, especially if I’m paying for those pixels. Netflix, for instance, charges more for its 4K HDR content—a lot more, actually. But even if your streaming service offers 4K HDR content, you might not be experiencing … Read more

Former NFL Player Thomas Q. Jones On Busting Stereotypes About Black Men, How Acting Became His Therapy

Thomas Q. Jones as Omar in TV series “Johnson” Bounce TV While some inroads have been made, it’s still not often viewers see a Black man on a therapist’s couch in television and film. That’s why Thomas Q. Jones, former NFL running back turned actor/producer, sees his character Omar Johnson in TV dramedy Johnson as … Read more