Ad-Supported Streaming Is Coming. One Stock to Buy Now.

Ad-Supported Streaming Is Coming.  One Stock to Buy Now.

Text size Redbox’s 36,000 DVD-rental kiosks are now owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. Dreamtime One of this year’s most surprising tech deals was the acquisition of the movie-rental kiosk chain Redbox by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment . Don’t let the name fool you: Chicken Soup for the Soul is a … Read more

Marilyn Monroe fascination comes to Netflix with ‘Blonde’

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for 60 years, but there is still a kind of madness around her that remains. Just look at the frenzied discourse around “Blonde,” an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ fictional portrait of the Hollywood star that has yet to be seen by the general public. There was intrigue around its … Read more

AMC Stock Is Out of Whack With APE Shares. Jim Chanos Is Taking Advantage.

Text size AMC’s market capitalization is higher than it was before the pandemic slammed the theater industry. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Legendary stock bear Jim Chanos has an arbitrage idea for investors as well as the following meme traders AMC Entertainment . One side of the trade—a short position in the movie-theater company that Chanos discussed … Read more

‘Athena’: Incandiary new Netflix film wants to burn it all down

Editor’s Note: Anywhere But Hollywood highlights what’s new and worth watching in international TV and film. This month the spotlight is on the French thriller “Athena,” Senegalese action flick “Saloum” and Iranian drama “No Bears.” CNN — French writer-director Romain Gavras wants your attention, and like Karim, the fiery youth at the heart of his … Read more

Review: Ana de Armas digs deep as Marilyn in brutal ‘Blonde’

What a dream it must be to be Marilyn Monroe, a starstruck assistant tells her. “Everyone would give their right arm to be you!” And we cringe, as we’ll do many times during Andrew Dominik’s brutal, bruising and often beautiful “Blonde,” starring a heartbreaking Ana de Armas. This time, it’s because we already know that … Read more

‘Sidney’ review: An Oprah Winfrey-produced Apple TV+ documentary does justice to Sidney Poitier’s remarkable life and career

CNN — In theory there’s only so much to be done with a celebrity biography, but when the subject is Sidney Poitier, that’s an unusually target-rich environment. “Sidney,” a documentary from director Reginald Hudlin produced by Oprah Winfrey, does the actor justice, providing context, depth and considerable warmth in chronicling his remarkable life and trailblazing … Read more

Katey Sagal plays mom to son Jackson White in ‘Tell Me Lies’

Jackson White’s favorite episode of his new Hulu series “Tell Me Lies” was also the hardest for him to film. His real-life mom, actor Katey Sagal, played his mother on this week’s fifth episode. We meet Sagal’s character, Norah, when White’s Stephen returns home from college for Christmas break. He’s the middle child of three … Read more

Review: Sidney Poitier documentary shows a constant striving

Sidney Poitier was not expected to live. He was born two months premature to uneducated tomato farmers in the Caribbean. His father planned to use a shoe box as a makeshift coffin. Poitier’s rise from that humble origin to become an Oscar-winning box office draw and civil rights figure who remade Hollywood seems almost scripted, … Read more

It’s Curtains For Some Theaters Across The US, But Developers Are Planning Sequels

Theaters have struggled in the two-plus years since the pandemic confined even the most devoted cinephiles to their couches, and although summer blockbusters boosted traffic this year, troubles have shuttered financial theaters across the country, leaving huge, specialized empty spaces in their stead. Long seen as a potential saving grace for battered retail centers, movie … Read more