Geek Out With Rockford’s Ranking On US Geekiest Cities List

Before we get to the collective “geeking out” Over where Rockford ranks on a list of the geekiest cities in the United States, we should probably take a look at the definition of the word “geek,” so we’re all on the same geek page together. According to Wikipedia, geek can be defined thusly: In current … Read more

10 New Age Pop-Punk Bangers Everyone Should Know

Pop-punk has definitely seen a resurgence in the last couple of years and one of the potential breakout bands from this latest wave of pop-punk acts is girlfriends, the duo featuring Apple Music 1 and MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing host Travis Mills and Goldfinger drummer Nick Gross. The pair have been consistently finding that … Read more

10 Funniest ‘Metalocalypse’ References to Metal Bands + Culture

Every fan of metal should be a fan of Metalocalypse. Created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, the animated comedy is a comprehensive love letter to the style. And its endearingly credible (yet peculiar) protagonists, the melodic death metal quintet Dethklok, have actually produced legitimate albums and tours with help from rockers such as Gene … Read more

Top Gun And The Sweatiest Movies Of Hollywood’s ‘Wet Period’

Top Gun: Maverick has been out for a few weeks now, and it’s clear that it’s easily this year’s first and biggest blockbuster. Yet in a film that was otherwise doggedly, meticulously, slavishly built around non-stop callbacks to its predecessor, there was one area in which Top Gun: Maverick notably fell short: sweat. Top Gun … Read more

As MoviePass Reboots, Here Is Your Ticket To 4 Competing Movie Theater Subscription Service Apps

It might’ve eventually flamed out in an epic blaze of popcorn-scented glory, but there is no denying the fact that MoviePass massively disrupted the theater business during its brief run as the leader of the Wild West of theater services subscription. But with the service again under the control of original founder Stacy Spikes and … Read more

Dangerous Gangs in Maine You Didn’t Know Existed, Until Now

I watched a documentary recently called, Cocaine Cowboys on Netflix. It was extremely interesting how easily this gang infiltrated, well, everyone during their court processes, including people high up in the government and within several police departments. According to Netflix, the documentary is about, Two childhood friends go from high school dropouts to the most … Read more

15 Things We Miss About the Gen-X Music Experience

Music Videos Being In Demand Entertainment YouTube, VEVO and a band’s individual website are typically where fans go to see music videos these days, and often the pull of the music video is the initial viewing for the fans, who then move on unless that video was super engaging. But for Gen X’ers, the music … Read more

The Joy and Benefits of Traveling Off-Season

Malta in October. Italy in February. These times of year may not immediately scream optimum holiday but there are plenty of benefits (and joy!) to be had traveling off-season. You may think you need to go to far flung destinations to experience something truly unique but, in fact, you can visit somewhere closer outside of … Read more

Bathing Suits Summer Body Shaming New Jersey USA

Do you have that Summer wardrobe ready to go? Or is it still tucked away in the back of your closet because the thought of bathing suit season scares the crap out of you? If you haven’t even touched that bin of skimpy clothes, I am right there with you. Yesterday, I decided to put … Read more