TikTok’s @YourRichBFF Wants To Make Financial Literacy Easy

“It’s super boring,” Vivian Tu, the social media maven behind TikTok’s uber-popular admit @YourRichBFFs when we talk about the traditional structure of financial advising. “Historically, financial services and financial education has been so male, so pale, and honestly, very stale. And these aren’t lessons that we’re taught in the classroom. This is information that rich … Read more

8 Best Wheated Bourbon Whiskeys, Blind Tasted and Ranked

Wheated bourbon whiskey is the most popular bourbon whiskey. The biggest and most sought-after bourbons are wheaties — Pappy, Weller, Old Fitzgerald, Maker’s, Rabbit Hole, and Larceny to name a few. The latter is why we’re here today. I just received the new Larceny Barrel Proof B522 and it’s pretty damn good. But, how does … Read more

Colorado Springs author’s new bookstores sells self-published children’s books | Arts & Entertainment

Nearly two years ago, Joni McCoy wrote her first book. Nearly two months ago, she opened a bookstore. Young Bookworms, her Colorado Springs store that exclusively sells children’s books from self-published authors, is full of rainbow decorations and bright blue chairs and colorful covers of books. But don’t judge the store’s story on the look. … Read more

Airbnb Made The Biggest Change To Its Platform In A 10 Years

Summer 2022 is the season of travel, no doubt about it. This is the first time in over two years that fully vaccinated people can (for the most part) tour the world confidently and without major restrictions. The fact that most of us are still working from home doesn’t hurt either. The nomadic lifestyle is … Read more

Abbey Road Studios recognises music photography with anaugural awards

LONDON, May 12 (Reuters) – London’s Abbey Road Studios hosts its inaugural music photography awards this weekend, shining the spotlight on a category it says deserves recognition. From live snaps to intimate portraits, the May 14 awards, described as the first to celebrate the art of music photography, will honor both emerging and established photographers. … Read more

8 Bucket List IPAs For True Craft Beer Lovers, Ranked

If you’re a big craft beer drinker, there’s a good chance you use an app to track the brews you’ve been lucky enough to sip. So you may very well know which classics you’ve had and which you still need to track down. Maybe you even have a few “white whales” you’re always looking out … Read more

What To Order And What To Skip On The Dunkin’ Spring Menu

Always changing with the seasons, Dunkin’ has just dropped its latest menu revamp! The change-up sees winter-leaning flavors like Oreo Hot Chocolate, Irish Creme Swirl, and Mint Hot Chocolate ditched in favor of the Mango Pineapple Refresher, Cake Batter Latte, Butter Pecan Iced Coffee, and Sunrise Batch Iced Coffee. To pair with its lighter and … Read more

The Best Olive Oil At 10 Different Price Points

Nobody gets too excited about buying neutral cooking oil, even chefs. But extra virgin olive oil is different. It’s not just a liquid to fry food in, it’s a true ingredient — a flexible and reliable product that levels up your kitchen game and also a sauce of sorts, perfect for dipping bread or drizzling … Read more

Where To Eat, Stay, and Play in Fort Myers, Florida

Florida has become world-renowned for its ability to generate both headlines and punchlines. Which can sometimes overshadow the fact that most of those jokes probably wouldn’t sting so much if it wasn’t such a beautiful place, capable of drawing millions of tourists and weather refugees every year. With pristine beaches on the Atlantic and the … Read more