Elton John plays White House lawn as part of farewell tour

Elton John plays White House lawn as part of farewell tour

WASHINGTON — Elton John said Friday that he’d played in some beautiful venues, but the stage in front of the White House, beneath a massive tent on a perfect autumn night, was “probably the icing on the cake.” Then he kicked off the show with “Your Song,” his first big international hit. President Joe Biden … Read more

InMilan, Gucci, Sunnei, Missoni focus on transformation

InMilan, Gucci, Sunnei, Missoni focus on transformation

MILAN (AP) — The Milan runway was all about transformation on Friday, the third day of Milan Fashion Week mostly womenswear previews for next spring and summer. Sometimes it was about inner transformation, like at Gucci, sometimes about upgrading your style game, like at Sunnei, and sometimes it was about brand transformation, like at Missoni. … Read more

Marilyn Monroe fascination comes to Netflix with ‘Blonde’

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for 60 years, but there is still a kind of madness around her that remains. Just look at the frenzied discourse around “Blonde,” an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ fictional portrait of the Hollywood star that has yet to be seen by the general public. There was intrigue around its … Read more

Annette O’Toole savors ‘Virgin River’ role as real, freeing

LOS ANGELES — Annette O’Toole is reveling in her “Virgin River” role as the unpredictable mayor of a small town whose woodsy, peaceful setting belies its residents’ roller-coaster lives. Her character is older but not always wiser, including in love. That goes against Hollywood’s tendency to view midlife-plus as past the sell-by date for nuanced … Read more

In Milan, Gucci, Sunnei and Missoni focus on transformation

MILAN — Milan Fashion Week’s third day, mostly womenswear previews for next spring and summer, was all about transformation. Sometimes inner transformation, like at Gucci, or brand transformation, like at Missoni. And sometimes it was about upgrading the style game, like at Sunnei. Here are some highlights from Friday’s shows. GUCCI’S ‘TWINSBURG’ Gucci’s creative director … Read more

Ari Lennox’s ‘age/sex/location’ revels in infatuation

NEW YORK — Writer’s block confined Ari Lennox during the creation of her latest album, “age/sex/location,” but her label head and friend, rap superstar J. Cole, suggested she begin journaling to unlock her creativity. “He was like, ‘I just want you to write and just don’t stop for a certain amount of time.’ And so, … Read more

Book shows personal side of ‘Mockingbird’ author Harper Lee

HOMEWOOD, Ala. — To the world, Harper Lee was aloof to the point of being unknowable, an obsessively private person who spent most of her life avoiding the public gaze writing despite one of the best-selling books ever, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” To Wayne Flynt, the Alabama-born author was his friend, Nelle. Flynt, a longtime … Read more

Shania Twain feels ‘stronger than ever’ ahead of new album release ever”

CNN — Shania Twain’s life could make a hell of a country music song. In fact, there’s so much material it could make several great country music songs. She survived a tough childhood, lost her parents in a car crash and at the height of her career, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease – an illness … Read more

‘Athena’: Incandiary new Netflix film wants to burn it all down

Editor’s Note: Anywhere But Hollywood highlights what’s new and worth watching in international TV and film. This month the spotlight is on the French thriller “Athena,” Senegalese action flick “Saloum” and Iranian drama “No Bears.” CNN — French writer-director Romain Gavras wants your attention, and like Karim, the fiery youth at the heart of his … Read more

Review: Ana de Armas digs deep as Marilyn in brutal ‘Blonde’

What a dream it must be to be Marilyn Monroe, a starstruck assistant tells her. “Everyone would give their right arm to be you!” And we cringe, as we’ll do many times during Andrew Dominik’s brutal, bruising and often beautiful “Blonde,” starring a heartbreaking Ana de Armas. This time, it’s because we already know that … Read more