‘AGT’ Season 17: Fans slam judges for making ‘sex jokes’ with Duo Mico, say women have ‘platonic, working male friends’

When it comes to acrobat/aerial acts on ‘AGT’, the show sees the best of the best. So far, there have been some phenomenal acrobat acts, such as Duo Forza and Duo Rings, both of whom wowed the judges in a heartbeat. Now, it was Duo Mico’s turn to give ‘AGT’ all that they have. As … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Fans compare Don McMillan’s stand-up to Ted Talk after his ‘nerd vs geek’ PPT

Don McMillan is a stand-up comedian who does not believe in the ‘standard’ 45-60 minute routine. Rather, he employs graphs, charts, and indices to make his argument. However, neither Simon nor the viewers were impressed with his comedy routine. ADVERTISEMENT For over 20 years, the former chip designer has entertained audiences with his one-of-a-kind PowerPoint-driven … Read more

Who is Auzzy Blood? ‘AGT’ Season 17 performer can lift weights with his eye sockets

Long-time fans of ‘America’s Got Talent’ know for a fact that there is no act too macabre or over the top for the ‘AGT’ stage. As long as an artist can entertain the audience and impress the judges, the show is open to anything and everything they have to offer. This often means that some … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Freckled Zelda’s soulful voice reminds judges not to ‘judge books by their covers’

The beauty of the ‘America’s Got Talent’ stage is certainly the fact that no matter what your act is, or the persona you take on, it welcomes anyone and everyone. If you have what it takes to entertain an audience, you certainly have a chance at winning the show. And it looks like Season 17 … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Who is Debbii Dawson? Indie pop singer is known for her unique spin on classic songs

‘America’s Got Talent’ is a talent hunt reality show that’s loved by viewers for being able to create performers and entertainers out of aspiring artists. Every week, viewers get to see people from different backgrounds showingcasing their artistic abilities. The popular show is widely known for making the dreams come true of many who participate. … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Fans slam RCC Aruba for their ‘shirtless’ performance on national televison

RCC (Rhythms Circus Company) Aruba, a prominent Aruba acrobat group, competed on the eighth night of tryouts for ‘America’s Got Talent.’ They performed one of the most daring acts of the night, under difficult conditions, but were reprimanded online for losing their shirts on national television. ADVERTISEMENT RCC Aruba is part of a group that … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Howie Mandel calls Auzzy Blood the ‘Beetlejuice’ of sideshows, fans call act ‘sick but impressive’

When it comes to ‘America’s Got Talent’ it’s best to expect the unexpected. The show has seen probably every act under the sun, from the weird to the wonderful to the downright outrageous. Some acts are often mind-boggling, seeing that they truly push the limits of the human mind and body ADVERTISEMENT When it comes … Read more

‘AGT’ Season 17: Fans call Debii Dawson’s voice angelic after her rendition of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’

Debbii Dawson had a memorable night on Tuesdays night’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ from Simon calling out her parents’ absence at the audition to her exquisite rendition of a popular pop song. The LA-girl’s voice captivated users on social media. ADVERTISEMENT Debbii Dawson is a singer, songwriter, and producer who specializes in Indie Pop and R&B. … Read more

‘America’s Got Talent’ on NBC: Who is Ava Swiss? TikTok star sang ‘Rise Up’ after 2021 school shooting

TikTok singing sensation Ava Swiss, 18, received recognition after she sang a version of Andra Day’s, ‘Rise Up’, to inspire her fellow classmates a few months back at Oxford High School after the November 2021 shooting that took the lives of four students at the school. Now, Ava is ready to showcase her singing abilities … Read more