Supernatural Characters And Their Doctor Who Counterparts

The fandoms of Supernatural and Doctor Who are closely linked, with some fans also adding Sherlock to the mix to make a crossover fandom known as “Superwholock.” Since Supernatural and Doctor Who lasted much longer, there are characters between them that are comparable. These include everyone from main hero Dean Winchester to companions like Rory Williams.

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It’s worth considering just how similar certain protagonists and antagonists are, with their attributes so alike that they might as well be palette swaps of one another. Whether it’s chaotic villains like Lucifer and the Master or intelligent heroes like Sam and Clara, it’s worth assessing which characters can be each other’s counterparts.


Sam Winchester: Clara Oswald

Split images of Sam Winchester in Supernatural and Clara Oswald in Doctor Who

There were quite a few times that Sam was shown dying in Supernatural and Clara can be his equivalent since she also bit the dust a lot in Doctor Who. Regardless, the pair are also similar in the way they value quick wit and intelligence, along with acting as the comedic foil to Dean and The Doctor.

Sam and Clara have a calm demeanor that their partners don’t possess, with the pair serving as the moral compass as well. Their endings were also alike, as Sam and Clara were separated from Dean and The Doctor for the rest of their lives, only meeting them again after they had perished.

Jack Kline: Eleventh Doctor

Split images of Jack Kline in Supernatural and the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who

Although there are several wise quotes from the Eleventh Doctor, he’s largely remembered as a naive goofball. Jack was also the most lovable character in Supernatural, having seen the world from an innocent point of view. The two also carry an inner pain and grief that they mask by putting on a happy facade.

Jack was prone to not understanding what the others were talking about and just did his own thing, which is how the Doctor conducted himself as well. The Doctor’s adorable quality made him someone who was instantly likable, with Jack coming across the same way, as he managed to win everyone’s hearts despite being the son of Lucifer.

Castiel: Rory Williams

Split images of Castiel in Supernatural and Rory Williams in Doctor Who

Castiel and Rory were generally in the dark about the ongoings of the protagonists and usually went along for the ride. They were stoic characters whose dry attitude ended up making them funny, along with being the butt of Dean’s and The Doctor’s jokes without realizing it.

Their mindsets were similar to how they were, with Castiel having certain fears in Supernatural like the well-being of Jack and losing the Winchester brothers’ friendships. Rory was wary of the Doctor and was the only one who called him out on his dangerous behavior. Rory and Castiel also pined after Amy and Dean for a long time without their latter two realizing it.

Charlie Bradbury: Bill Potts

Split images of Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural and Bill Potts in Doctor Who

Certain characters exist to remind the protagonists why they fight for the good of mankind. Charlie and Bill are such people. They had purely platonic relationships with the main characters, essentially filling a sisterly role that brought the likes of Sam, Dean, and the Twelfth Doctor a familial bond they really needed.

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Charlie and Bill were spunky characters who were in awe of their friends’ abilities. They were cynical about love but fell rather quickly in love with women who shared their liking for adventure. Sadly, their fates were also similar as Charlie and Bill were taken down by the villains to be separated from the heroes.

Lucifer: The Master

Split images of Lucifer in Supernatural and The Master in Doctor Who

Lucifer and The Master are chaotic villains that derive pleasure from the suffering of others. They can barely hold their composure when they’re in control and are known for their dark humor. The antagonists have no qualms about killing innocents for fun, with many eliminated simply because they were in the same room.

Lucifer has a personal connection to Sam since the latter was his true vessel, which paved the way for many mind games between the two. The Master also got under The Doctor’s skin, with his bitterness stemming from The Doctor’s perceived abandonment of him and their shared status as Time Lords.

Crowley: Missy

Split images of Crowley in Supernatural and Missy in Doctor Who

The female incarnation of The Master is considered by many to be the best, with Missy coming across as even more unhinged than her male versions. Crowley started out this way when he sought to eliminate the angels, along with targeting Sam and Dean’s friends to mess with them.

Missy made it her mission to get the attention of The Doctor and similarly killed off characters like Osgood to antagonize her rival. Their main similarity comes from their arc of change, as Crowley and Missy ended up joining the good side when they developed a guilty conscience and died when they completely turned over a new leaf.

Jo Harvelle: Martha Jones

Split images of Jo Harvelle in Supernatural and Martha Jones in Doctor Who

Jo was introduced as a potential love interest for Dean who could watch out for herself but wasn’t as strong of a hunter to go solo. Dean ultimately never saw her as a romantic partner, but Jo continued to have feelings for him. Martha’s arc was pretty much the same, as her main hope was to win The Doctor’s love.

Martha also wasn’t as independent as companions like Donna and Clara were, and eventually matured to become a hero in her own right. Jo went on to become a hunter herself, which means that both she and Martha had to suffer broken hearts in order to be on the pathway to becoming strong heroes who didn’t define themselves purely by love.

Ellen Harvelle: River Song

Split images of Ellen Harvelle in Supernatural and River Song in Doctor Who

Ellen and Jo were the kinds of women who seemed to be one step ahead of the rest. They didn’t need anyone to watch out for them but had one true love they never got over. Ellen’s was her husband, whose death propelled her to become a feared hunter. River’s was The Doctor, whose influence turned her into a time-traveling archaeologist.

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Ellen and River ultimately sacrificed themselves for their loved ones, with both dying when they could’ve just walked away. They could also say just the right thing when others were feeling down and out, which is a quality the protagonists sorely missed after Ellen and River’s demises.

Bobby Singer: Twelfth Doctor

Split images of Bobby Singer in Supernatural and Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who

The Twelfth Doctor was a grumpy fellow who could only stomach a few people like Clara and Bill but actually cared a whole lot more than he let on. Bobby was also someone who kept by himself, yet was seen as the go-to person for hunters that needed help, especially Sam and Dean.

The two were not able to loving the people close to them very fiercely, with The Doctor spending 4.5 billion years trapped just so he could have a shot at saving Clara. Bobby also refused to move on after his death and spent a significant time as a ghost to keep Sam and Dean safe.

Dean Winchester: Tenth Doctor

Split images of Dean Winchester in Supernatural and the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor was a mercurial figure whose primary attributes were his bravado, occasional arrogance, rage-filled outbursts, and a romantically charming personality. Dean was a bit grittier, but he had all the same qualities, garnering as much attention from the Supernatural fan base as the Tenth Doctor did from Whovians.

The two looked out primarily for those they were close to, not putting as much emphasis on others. Characters like Rose and Sam came before everything else in the universe for the Tenth Doctor and Dean. They had similarly tragic deaths, as Dean was unceremoniously killed by vampires while the Doctor was exposed to radiation. Both passed away after saying goodbyes to Sam and Rose, the people they loved the most.

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