Studio 666: The 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked

In most horror movies, few characters show a great level of intelligence. When it comes to Studio 666the movie shares a pedigree with the splatstick horror movies of the 1980s, and those seldom movies had a very intelligent character, sending most of the people out to face slaughter in inventive and gory manners.

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In Studio 666, the movie added another layer to the horror movie, and that was adding a rock and roll band to the mix. While the movie stars the Foo Fighters as fictional versions of themselves, the band smartly ensures that they play their characters in a way that lessens their intelligence to make them perfect victims for the demonic deaths to come.

10 Rami Jaffee

Rami Jaffee looking shocked in Studio 666.

Easily, the least intelligent character in Studio 666 was Rami Jaffee. Rami is the keyboardist in the Foo Fighters, and he played himself as a hippy with little to no clue as to what is going on around him. He mostly just makes off-the-wall observations and follows the other guys around.

He also makes some of the worst decisions of anyone in the band, although he is the only one who can have a little joy before his gory death at the hands of a chainsaw-wielding killer.

9 Taylor Hawkins

Taylor with Dave Grohl lying on the ground.

Taylor Hawkins might be one of the nicest guys in the entire movie, but he doesn’t match up with many people when it comes to his intelligence and common sense. He seems like the kind of guy who just goes with the flow, no matter where that might lead.

Some of his best moments involve him just chilling, and a scene with him in bed with his laptop and some unsavory videos showing where his mind is. However, his least intelligent decision was finishing the track for the song that unleashed the demonic curse in Studio 666 after being told not to.


8 Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett talking to Dave Grohl.

Chris Shiflett deserves some credit for knowing when to walk out on Dave Grohl and his intense demands. He was the first to know that something was wrong, and he was the one smart enough to get up and leave the house.

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However, he was not intelligent enough to go home. Instead of leaving the house and getting to safety when he realized something was wrong, he went to the grill to make himself some hot dogs and that was the last thing he ever did.

7 Pat Smear

Pat Smear sitting in the kitchen.

Pat Smear was the most likable character in Studio 666, but that does not mean he was anywhere near the smartest. He slept in the kitchen, on the counter, which he said was the most comfortable place in the house, although he just wanted to be near the snacks.

He did some crazy things, including going into the scary basement where the demonic infected presence Dave, but then he almost didn’t make it out. He then did one of the dumbest things in the movie. He tried to hotwire the van from under it, behind the tire. Pat was the only person responsible for his death.

6 Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl smiling with sharp teeth.

Dave Grohl was the main character in Studio 666, but he was also the hardest person to care about. Even before he was possessed, he treated his band like crap. He made terrible decisions throughout the entire movie, including staying at the house despite his premonition of death.

When he was possessed, he lost it completely and just started doing anything he could to complete the curse, completely incapable of making his own decisions. He was the band’s leader, but his decisions showed that might have been the problem.

5 Nate Mendel

Nate Mendel looking at a dead body in Studio 666.

Nate Mendel was the most intelligent member of the Foo Fighters, although that isn’t saying much. He was cautious, where his fellow bandmates were a little too sloppy. He tried to do the right thing, even though Dave Grohl always outvoted him.

At the end of Studio 666, Nate was the last member of the band alive, outside of Dave. However, he had one moment left to do something stupid, and that one decision left him dead with a knife in his neck.

4 Krug

Kerry King helping setting up Dave Grohl's drums.

Slayer founder Kerry King cameoed in Studio 666 as Krug, the Foo Fighters tech. While he was only in the movie for a short time, it seemed like he was the guy who kept the Foo Fighters running properly.

He never looked happy because he knew he was smarter than Dave Grohl, but he was also smart enough to know to keep that to himself and keep doing what Dave asked. He was even trying to help out when he ended up electrocuting himself and dying, the first victim in the main portion of the movie.

3 Barb Weems

Dave Grohl talking about the haunted mansion.

Barb Weems was the real estate lady that helped get the Foo Fighters into the old mansion to make their music. She seemed chirpy and led them through the house, although there was something unlikeable about her as she seemed to look down on the band.

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That was all explained at the end. Barb was one of the people who knew about the demonic presence and she played her part perfectly, leading Dave and his band to the house and setting them up to die.

2 Samantha

Skye bringing Dave Grohl cupcakes.

Samantha did a lot in Studio 666 to make it seem like she was not an intelligent person at all. However, she was one of the smartest people in the movie. She played dumb so that the Foo Fighters wouldn’t know she was wise to the horrors of the house.

She left them a clue that would help them and then when they came to her for help, she told them everything that happened there years before. She also knew how to stop the demon and save Dave, and if it wasn’t for her, there is no way Pat and Nate could have stopped their friend.

1 Jeremy Shill

Jeremy Shill pointing at the Foo Fighters.

The most intelligent character in Studio 666 was the man who turned out to be the villain in the end. Jeremy was the man who demanded that the Foo Fighters get their 10th album done and he didn’t put up with their nonsense, showing he knew how to handle his bands.

He is also the man who knew about the curse at the old mansion, and he sent the Foo Fighters there to sacrifice them all to release a demon into the world that could save rock and roll. What made him so smart is that he lived, and he won in the end, turning Dave Grohl into a genuine monster.

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