SNL’s Rachel Dratch Had To Get Verified On Twitter For A Very Unusual Reason

Rachel Dratch is best known for her time on Saturday Night Live, where she played a slew of hilarious characters with ridiculous quirks in classic Dratch-fashion, including Debbie Downer and Jimmy Fallon’s Boston girlfriend. In her new film I Love My Dad, However, she’s taking a slight departure from her usual comedic absurdity, as the dark-comedy deals with issues like suicidal ideation and familial trauma. Oh, and internet catfishing as well, which it turns out, Dratch is somewhat familiar with.

The central conflict in I Love My Dad involves Patton Oswalt’s character catfishing His own son until things spiral out of control, and as Rachel Dratch told us while doing press for the film, the story reminded her of an experience she had in her own life online:

Someone did pretend to be me on Twitter for a while, that’s why I’m The Real Dratch, because they were making really, really bad jokes. That’s the most I’ve ever been deceived on Twitter, deceived on the internet. But yeah, nothing as extreme… it was a lot of potty humor.

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