Should Galesburg IL city get involved providing youth center?

To what extent should be the city be involved in providing activities and/or a center for teens?

A game hub would bring people together

I think the city should be more involved in giving teens places they can go without spending money. I’ve found that my friends and I struggle to do anything because there’s nowhere we can go. A good investment for the city, in my opinion, would be a skate park. Skating is a popular activity and it would benefit not just the teen population, but children and adults as well. Skate parks give teens a place to go with things to do.

As for a teen center, I think a video game hub in the center would bring lots of positive attention. I’ve heard of places in cities where people can sit down and play video games with each other. In a world where technology divides people, we can use technology to bring people together. Giving teens something to do besides sit at home will be beneficial in shaping and supporting generations to come. — Lizzie Wicks

Harry Bulkeley

Teen centers only last a few months

Hark! “Tis spring and calls for a teen center can be heard throughout the land.” I have only lived in Knox County since the 1940s, so I’m not sure when people started saying “We need a teen center so the kids will have something to do.” My mother was a member of the GHS Class of 1942 and they organized a teen center in the old post office building. Like all teen centers since then, it lasted a few months and then closed.

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