Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 8.12.22

Hey hey everybody, Lee Sanders here! Weekend is finally here and I don’t know about you all but I got a fever! The only prescription for it is AEW RAMPAGE! Let’s go as QUAKE BY THE LAKE concludes tonight!

Commentators: Excalibur, Jim Ross

Things are kicking off with Tony Schiavone interviewing Bryan Danielson. Tony wants to gets Bryan’s thoughts on what Daniel Garcia’s been saying about him and if he’s 100% healthy now. Danielson talks about how he’s never been 100% and that nothing pleases him more than fighting in the ring. As result, he will continue wrestling unless physically stopped. Danielson knows that someone will have to end his career but it’s not happening this Wednesday (DYNAMITE). Daniel Garcia interrupts Danielson, calling him his hero but that his hero sounds like he’s going to lose. Far as he’s concerned, Danielson is coming up with excuses. Garcia is tired of Danielson retiring and coming back because it’s hurting him (Garcia), and that he (Garcia) wants to hurt Danielson as result. After Wednesday, Garcia won’t be known as the Dragon Slayer, he’s going to be known as the best technical wrestler! Danielson comes right back and expresses concerns about the crap Chris Jericho has been shoving down Garcia’s throat about Sports Entertainment. Danielson questions whether Garcia wants to be the best sports entertainer in the business or the best technical wrestler in the world. He’s going to leave it up to Garcia to figure out. Danielson exits the ring as Garcia stands baffled and giving what Danielson said some serious thought…

Sammy shoves Dante as Sky Blue charges right at Conti as the girls go rumbling outside the ring. Dante connects with an ankle trip on Sammy as he’s on top of him delivering punches. Sammy manages to fight him off briefly as Dante comes right back and tosses Sammy into the ropes. Tay grabs him and this forces Dante to exit as Tay is now the legal woman. Sky connects with a cross body! Conti comes back with a judo takedown as Blue gets up to shove Conti. Conti slaps Sky as Sky comes back with a slap of her own. Both girls begin to unload punches as we see Conti roll-through to get Blue in a neck-crank submission hold. Conti turns it into a pin attempt as she only gets a near fall. Sky kicks Conti in the knee and follows up with an enziguri. Sky comes off the ropes as Sammy trips her ankles up from the outside to help Conti take advantage as we head into a commercial break. We’re back as Dante and Sammy are the legal men now. Dante delivers a sweet dropkick to send Sammy outside the ring. Dante gets Sammy back in the ring as Conti latches on to the left leg of Dante now. Sammy grabs the head of Dante as Dante launches himself off the hands of Sammy and back of Conti to deliver a cutter for a near fall! Sammy comes back with a knee to the face. Sky Blue manages to tag herself in without Sammy and Conti realizing it as she delivers a leg scissors takedown on Sammy. Tay comes right back with a TAY-KO to end this match as the newly wed couple suck face.

Winner: Conti & Guverra (8:00)
Rating: **
First off congrats to the newlywed couple in Sammy and Tay. Very happy for them. This was a nice tag match for what is worth as many of you know I’m a big fan of Sky Blue. Been checking her out since NWA and it makes me happy to see she’s getting more TV time. She’s a talented wrestler and she was able to show more offense here in this match and held her own well. Everyone gelled well here. Not too long of a match nor too long. Wish commentators would’ve done a better job explaining how and when Sammy and Tay became Mixed Tag Champions. Explain if we’ll be seeing them defend the titles in AEW on an ongoing basis going forward.

Parker body tackles Sonny and then sends her into the corner to deliver punch after punch. Sonny manages to get out the corner to stagger Parker with elbow strikes. Parker grabs Sonny by the neck to deliver a mean chokeslam! Parker follows up with a one-handed modified bodyslam that looks effortless to end this one.

Winner: Parker Bourdeaux (1:10)
Rating: NR
Squash, Squash..SQUASH! Hey happy to see Sonny back on my TV like many of you. Only thing positive I have to say here…

Andrade and RUSH are backstage talking to Private Party as they proclaim themselves the winners of the Trios tournament. Andrade reminds them that they work for him and that they need to put their money where their mouth is and step up. Private Party will be facing Swerve in Our Glory next week as Andrade will be watching that one closely.

Redbeard is in the ring waiting to see which Gunn kid he’ll be facing. Colten tries to lock up with Redbeard and gets pushed on his behind. Austin wants the tag and tries his luck but gets slammed on his behind as well. Danhausen gets the tag as Austin cheapshots Danhausen as we head into another set of commercials. We’re back now as Danhausen gets in the hot tag to Eric. Redbeard delivers a bodysplash to Colten and tosses Austin out the ring. Redbeard delivers a running crossbody to both men which was amazing to see. Back in the ring now as Redbeard delivers a spinning heel kick to Austin! Pin attempt made by Redbeard but it gets interrupted by Colten. Gunn Club is delivering strikes to Redbeard’s back as they try to go for a double suplex. Redbeard isn’t budging as he counters with a suplex of his own on both men. Danhausen wants the tag now as he grabs Colten. Redbeard bounces off the ropes as Billy Gunn pulls the top rope to send the big man crashing on the outside! Colten delivers a fameasser to Danhausen to score the win.

Winner: Ass Boys (4:33)
Rating: **
Redbeard looked amazing offensively! Best I’ve seen since watching him in WWE. This team-up with Danhausen could actually go somewhere. This match was all about the ongoing angle with the Ass Boys being shown tough love then anything. Decent match.

Billy Gunn tells his kids they aren’t doing what he taught them as he admits how much he misses The Acclaimed. He’s got them lined up for another match as the sons look on disappointed. Billy leaves them high and dry in the ring as the sons slowly walk out the ring. They boys happen to pass Stokley Hathaway who tries to hand them his business card yet again. They seem tempted but walk on.

Swerve in Our Glory is being interviewed as they talk about their upcoming matchup with Private Party. Far as SIOG is concerned Private Part has no chance!

Zach Clayton interrupts HOOK’s interview with Schiavone in the ring. Good timing as HOOK was giving funny one-word answers. Clayton wants to take the FTW Championship back to New Jersey…God’s Country! HOOK invites him down the ramp to fight but Clayton isn’t having it folks. Clayton challenges HOOK for the title at next weeks’ RAMPAGE. HOOK accepts as Clayton looks on pleased. Appreciate the nuggets of info explaining to us who Zach Clayton is as he’s a former MTV Reality Star like Miz. Way to not have this guy string together some TV wins AEW. Come on man!

Cassidy tries to put his hands in his pocket when Ari interrupts him with a microphone. Ari wants Cassidy to lay down so he can pin him so they can get out of this shi**y town. Cassidy takes his glasses off as he lays down on his back. Ari tries to go for the cover as Cassidy rolls his way out of the ring. Ari gives chase and tosses him into the ring. Little bit of bait and switch by Ari. Cassidy with a standing switch of his own and delivers a dropkick to Ari. Cassidy intercepts a kick attempt by Ari and pushes him into the corner. Cassidy charges at Ari but Ari moves out the way and delivers a neckbreaker as we head into our final commercial break. We’re back as Cassidy is sent into the ropes and is planted with a standing sleeper hold. Cassidy tries to go for the ropes for a clean break now. Ari releases it only briefly before re-applying as the ref checks in on Cassidy. Cassidy still has some life left as he backs Ari into the corner! Both men boune off the ropes for one mean collision that leaves them both laid out. Both men staggering to their feet as Cassidy gets elevated over the top turnbuckle. Ari tries to attack Cassidy but he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Cassidy tries to look for a high-risk maneuver but is stopped by Daivari. Cassidy delivers a diving crossbody after pushing him off. Daivari now with a kick to the midsection followed up with a hanging neckbreaker. Cassidy counters with a suplex to give himself a breather. Cassidy now with his trademark light kicks followed by an ugly superkick! Cassidy tries looking for the Orange Punch but it gets countered by Daivari with a nice scouted Rock Bottom for a near fall. Cassidy now with a nice spinning DDT followed by a DDT from the top rope as it only gets a near-fall. Slim J tries jumping on the apron as Best Friends stop him. Parker tries getting involved as Cassidy connects with a suicide dive to lay him out. Cassidy gets back in the ring as Ari trips him up on the ropes to setup a pin attempt. Desperation kick-out by Cassidy as Ari tries looking for a hammerlock clothesline but Cassidy rolls him up. Daivari gets out and tries to go for a thrust kick as Cassidy knocks him out cold with the Orange Punch to end this solid main event.

Winner: Orange Cassidy (10:00)
Rating: ***
Cassidy made Daivari look really great here. I’ve seen some of Daivari’s work off and on over the years. To each its own but it’s been lukewarm for me at best. I’m not sure if he’s the right person to be the lead man for this Trustbusters stable. Not sure about you all but I don’t see him lasting in it that long. For me he’s just not strong enough of a leader to carry the load. In-ring action wise, Daivari and Cassidy seemed to find some magic with each other as for me for an overall lackluster episode, this match was the best one of the night.

Post-match Slim J tries attacking Cassidy as Best Friends lay him out. Parker comes in and destroys them both as Cassidy stands on his feet looking on. Sonny comes into the ring to stop Cassidy as she convinces him they should team up on Parker. Sonny then kicks Cassidy in the crown jewels as we go off the air with Sonny Kiss apparently joining the Trustbusters. Well in the words of Harry Caray; “Well HOLY COW!”
End of Show

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