Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy Sequel Shares Major Update

20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell says that the script for the sequel to Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, is nearly complete.

20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell shared that a script for the sequel to Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy is nearly complete.

“We’re waiting for a script that is days away,” Asbell told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a fantastic story.” In the same interview, Asbell revealed that while the script for the action-comedy sequel is in the works, the studio is expecting multiple installments in the Free Guy franchise as well. “We have more Avatar movies coming, we have more Free Guy movies coming. We’re going to be pretty busy,” he said.

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“We’re navigating the marketplace like everyone else. There are movies like Avatar, Planet of the Apes and now Free Guy that have well-established theatrical precedence for a wide audience,” he continued. According to Asbell, the studio will “evaluate these decisions film by film” depending on the market. “We do have original films of scale in development that we haven’t t announced yet, and it will be whatever feels right for that number of films per year,” he said. “What’s great about all of this is that we have both. We have this explosive new streaming mandate to pursue, yet we also have titles that we can make [for theatrical].”

Shortly after Free Guy‘s theatrical release on Aug. 13, 2021, Reynolds confirmed that Disney had officially asked for at least one sequel. Most recently, director Shawn Levy confirmed that he had been in talks with Disney about the next Free Guy installment.

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“I’ve gotten a few of those in the past several months. So there is definitely real interest there,” Levy said in a February 2022 interview. “But to Ryan’s point, we knew [the film would do well]. We had such a clear idea of ​​the tone, the story, the details of Free Guy, and we both made a few sequels in our lives, and so we know how hard it is to make a worthy one. And when we feel confident that’s the kind we’ll make, then we’ll make it.”

Directed by Levy with a script from Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, Free Guy stars Reynolds as a bank teller named Guy who, after acquiring a pair of sunglasses worn by players, discovers that he is an NPC in an open-world video game, leading Guy to break out of his pre-determined routine and go off-script . Following its theatrical release, Free Guy grossed more than $330 million at the global box office.

Free Guy is available on digital platforms, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. It’s also streaming now on Disney+.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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