Release date & time of Psy’s That MV ft BTS Suga confirmed

Psy’s new music video That will feature BTS Suga bopping to his intense choreography! Here’s a look at the release date and time of the highly-anticipated music video.

Psy’s upcoming album, titled Psy 9this trending all over the internet as it boasts a star-studded feature lineup including the likes of South Korean hip-hop singer Jessi, Tablo, Mamamoo star Hwasa and other popular names.

But, the cherry on top for BTS ARMY is Psy’s biggest revelation. The Gangnam Style crooner has also roped in BTS Suga for a full-fledged feature on the music video of his track That.

Suga, aka Min Yoongi, explained that he initially thought he would only be producing the song for Psy. But, a couple of in-person meetings later, the collaboration turned out to be a full feature with Yoongi having to learn intense choreography.

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Release date of Psy’s That ft Suga

Psy’s That will be released on April 29th, 2022, at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET. Check out the international release schedule below.

  • Pacific Time: 2 AM PT, April 29
  • Central Time: 4 AM CT, April 29
  • Eastern Time: 5 AM ET, April 29
  • British Time: 10 AM BST, April 29
  • European Time: 11 AM CEST, April 29
  • Indian Time: 2.30 PM IST, April 29
  • Philippine Time: 5 PM PHT in the Philippines, April 29
  • Japan Time: 6 PM JST, April 29
  • Australian Time: 6.30 PM ACST, April 29
  • Singapore Time: 5 PM, April 29

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Where to stream That MV ft Min Yoongi

The music video of That will be released on Psy’s Official YouTube channel on April 29th at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET.

The MV will be accompanied by his album, Psy 9th.

Watch the teaser of the music video below and circle back on April 29th for a link that will take you straight to the MV.

BTS ARMY quips how Psy pulled a ‘Bang PD’ on Yoongi

From dreaming of becoming a music producer and rapper of Bangtan, as promised by Bang Si Hyuk, to actually pulling off the most difficult choreography sets of K-pop, BTS Suga has been deceived before.

Now, fans are recalling how Psy has used the same tricks as Bang PD on Suga to lure him into a music video and make him learn the intense choreography.

Suga said: “I seriously didn’t expect to be dancing with Psy. I thought I am only writing the song.”

Psy added: “At the beginning, we met because he wanted to produce my music. Then he ended up featuring on the track. Then he ended up learning the intense choreography. Step by step, he got more involved, our Yoongi!”

Gushing on the collaboration, a fan wrote: “Psy really pulled the Bang PD technique of luring Yoongi in with promises of only producing but eventually making him dance!”

A second fan chimed in adding: “Psy really pulled a Bang PD on min Yoongi, he thought he was only going to produce the song but ended up featuring, starring, and even doing a choreo with Psy!”

Excited about Psy and Suga’s That? Watch the music video on April 29th at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET.

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