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Bronx: Mayor Adams is proving that he is as useless as Bill de Blasio. Violent crimes continue. Is Adams talking about that and taking action? No. As usual, he’s grandstanding about the Texas governor.

Where was Adams’ voice when the Biden administration was flying in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants? Crickets were all we heard. Adams complains that the city can’t handle the illegals. Really, Adams? Because there are more than a million of them in NYC who taxpayers have to cover because they don’t pay many taxes. And why should Texas pay because Democrats don’t enforce laws? They are overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, a problem that Democrats choose to ignore. Adams, while critical of the Texas governor, says nothing about our own governor, who has made it legal to openly shoot heroin. See, Gov. Hochul doesn’t give a damn that your car was broken into or you were robbed as long as these addicts have their drugs. Also, 3,800 guns taken through arrests this year resulted in 90% of those caught being released without charges. Meanwhile, Democrats lie and tell you they are against guns. All lies.

Life in New York and NYC will only get worse because the voters in this state are some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet. All they do is complaining about crime while continuing to elect the same do-nothing politicians. If you voted for these pols, shut up when you’re a crime victim. It’s what you voted for. Stephen Hill

Marlton, NJ: Re “Don’t sue us” (July 31): As a very ill 9/11 responder, I find it ironic that city lawyers want more immunity against lawsuits before they will release what was known about toxicity at Ground Zero 20 years later. One reason that crime in the city has spiked so high is that qualified immunity was taken away from police officers. Now cops have to hire their own lawyer even if a lawsuit against them is totally bogus. So now the lawyers want for the city what the city took away from the police. The people who should be sued are the lawyers who sucked up $300 million defending the city against virtually every claim related to 9/11. I still have Daily News clippings about the expensive dinners they also enjoyed with that money and charged off as expenses. Bob Porch

Armonk, NY: Leonard Greene’s column about Bishop Lamor Whitehead (“Pistols for clerics? Idea shouldn’t have a prayer,” July 31) was evocative of Flip Wilson’s character Rev. Leroy of “The Church Of What’s Happening Now” from 1970s TV, available for viewing on YouTube. His congregation should start looking for a different pastor. Gary Miller

Brooklyn: Will Smith is still making the slap about him. Smith claims that the joke Chris Rock made provoked him to do it. Still playing the victim. Sticks and stones will break our bones but words will never harm us. It’s so embarrassing that with all Smith has, he just proved money can’t buy class, a sense of humor or a good life. If he’s doing that in front of us, what’s going on behind closed doors? Mariann Tepedino

Carmel, NY: Have drivers in New Jersey gone mad? My wife and I returned home from the Jersey Shore miraculously in one piece. Motorists traversing the Garden State Parkway are insane — weaving in and out of traffic, cutting others off, gabbing on their cell phones — all at speeds exceeding 70 mph. Amazing — from Spring Lake to the entrance of the New York State Thruway in Rockland County, we did not observe one state trooper from 2-4 in the afternoon on a Saturday. Was it a statewide coffee break? I can’t understand why law enforcement is not present in force to reduce the idiocy on Garden State roads that will only lead to carnage. Eric Gross

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Woodside: Something does not smell right and it’s not horse manure. Last Monday in the early afternoon, the heavens opened and it poured and poured, complete with thunder, winds and flooding. Still, the horse carriage business was not suspended as it should have been, leaving the horses in Central Park with no protection. Yet after 10 pm, officials decided to suspend the business only to lift that suspension just before 8 am the next morning — not exactly a busy time for carriage drivers. Is anyone thinking the store or is this just another sick joke on these vulnerable and exploited horses? This inhumane horse carriage business continues to embarrass the city of New York. It is well past time for it to come to an end. Roberto Bonelli

Massapequa Park, LI: Re “Bad, getting worse in West” (Aug. 1): Devastating fire and drought in the West, devastating flooding in Kentucky. Multiple simultaneous disasters are what the climate crisis looks like. That’s why we have to add renewable power and withdraw from gas plants as expeditiously as possible. In this realm, Gov. Hochul’s recent announcement of New York’s third offshore wind solicitation is exciting news. The projects will include grid-enhancing infrastructure, support union jobs and move us to 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2035. We’re not going to decarbonize with “renewable natural gas” or “green hydrogen,” as fossil fuel companies would have you believe. Those false solutions keep the greenhouse gases flowing and the climate crisis worsening. Karen C. Higgins

Brewster, NY: I am 73 and a lifelong Yankee fan. I attended many Old-Timers’ Day games with my father when I was a youngster. In the old days, old-timers from both the American and National Leagues participated. Saturday’s exhibition was a major disappointment. Not one member of the “Core Four” attended. Where were Roy White, Goose Gossage, Dave Winfield, Sparky Lyle, Joe Torre and, of course, Reggie Jackson? This spectacle was promoted as a thread to great Yankees players and teams of the past. It was embarrassing to read the captions under the names of some of the players who spent a few years in the Bronx. This is how the Yankees treat their longtime fans? I’m supposed to recall memories of Jesse Barfield and Shane Spencer instead of Winfield and Jackson? For the 75th Old-Timers’ Day, why not give the fans the opportunity to choose the invitees? David A. Testone

Sound Beach, LI: I am confused as to how you cover the annual body painting festival in NYC and don’t think it’s appropriate to credit any of the artists doing the body painting (“Naked & unafraid at Union Square art fest,” July 25). I noticed you did credit models but no artists. The artists deserve credit. The paintings were their creations. All the models did was stand there. That doesn’t take much talent. Amy Dowling

Wappingers Falls, NY: I hope “Red & Rover” returns soon from vacation. A wonderful example of the love of boy and dog, the strip is a welcome respite from all the violence and bloodshed being reported elsewhere in your paper. I’m sure many others await its return. Karen Swanson

Cranford, NJ: How do you mistake Mike Francesa for Chris Russo in your article about Suzyn Waldman and Russo (“Ma and the Mad Dog,” July 31)? The editing in this newspaper gets worse and worse. Bob Demcsak

Richmond Hill: As Americans, we find ourselves in a dark, familiar place. One political party is being led by a senile man who should’ve been committed to a nursing home 15 years ago and whose son is in cahoots with the Chinese while his country continues to fall apart. The other political party is being led by a man who continues to have shady deals with the very same people who financed the attacks on the World Trade Center. Both parties are equally worthless, and in the middle of it all are us, the peons. Hopefully, we can all wake up and stop fighting each other over meaningless distractions such as race, religion, immigration and abortion. After all, while we are being distracted, the higher-ups continue to get away with everything. Francheisko Perez

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