Nuke and the Nightshifts were radioactive at the Ausable Inn | Entertainment

OSCODA — A solid show put on by a solid band, Nuke and the Night Shifts, happened at the AuSable Inn Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. Boasting colorful lights, 40 original songs and a high energy punk performance, Nuke and The Nightshifts drew in punk enthusiasts looking for a beer and four chords mashed over and over.

The band’s front-man, Nuke Copley is a veteran artist from Detroit. He played in punks bands over the years, his prior group being Nuke and the Living Dead.

Copley sported glowing crimson sneakers, tight jeans and an Oseledet hairstyle. He said his sneakers give him the magic ability to dance and jump around better.

“My wife ordered them for me online.”

His high energy performance inspired a local group of brothers previously known as the Yulgits to form a band and play punk rock shows.

The Yulgits had a history with Nuke and the Living Dead, even performing shows alongside them when they were still in high school back in 2007.

“When I moved north Scotty mo-drums for Nuke and the Nightshift contacted me to see if I’d like to sing a song with them at a new rehearsal space,” said Copley. “The brothers had got (the rehearsal space) due to them wanting to get back into playing music together again. I went up to Oscoda that night and the rest is history! We fell right in with each other, it was absolutely meant to be !”

Already, they have released three studio albums. Subjects range from beer drinking to ex-girlfriends and even COVID-19.

Their musical style generally follows the punk genre with distorted guitars, simple verse-chorus-verse structure and four or less power chords played on repeat. Their song line-up also features some old-school rock-a-billy and blues.

Punk rock, however, is not known for it’s complexity but it’s high energy showmanship.

Nuke and the Nighshifts aren’t lacking in that regard. All band members maintain an active workout as they get up on stage podiums, perform dances, head bangs and jump off into the crowd. With wireless guitars they can shred anywhere they want on the dance floor. In the back are flashing lights and lasers.

Their latest album, “Clockin’ In,” released in November of 2021. It featured a mix of old tracks Copley wrote with the Living Dead with a few new ones.

When they write songs, Copley said he writes the lyrics first and then sends them to members of the Night Shift to work on and hammer out the instrumentals.

“They really make it into a full song with harmonies, progressions and dynamics. Sometimes I send Brady-mo a bass line or idea and he works on it at home. I live an hour and a half from the 3 brothers so practice isn’ t always available but when it happens it’s serious.”

For their show at the AuSable inn, they shot footage for a music video to their track, “Four Kings” from “Clockin’ In.” Anyone at that show had the chance to be in the music video.

Nuke and the Night Shift’s music videos generally feature skateboarding, motorcycles, boats and beer. This is all while they wear their punk rock clothes and hairstyles rocking out to their original tunes.

“The song is directly about the band and the fun things that were into currently,” Copeley said. “Rock n’ roll to me is expression, freedom, energy and a life saver for me!”


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