Noah Reid: What To Watch If You Like The Schitt’s Creek Star

When an actor joins the cast of a hit series halfway through its run, sometimes they become remembered as an unfortunate blemish to the show’s legacy, while others make a profoundly positive impact that pushed the story in refreshing and exciting new directions. I would put Noah Reid – who joined the Schitt’s Creek cast as David Rose’s partner in business and love, Patrick Brewer, in Season 3 – firmly in the latter category.

The heartwarming hit sitcom also had an undoubtedly profound impact on the Canadian actor and musician’s career, making him more recognizable (especially in the United States) than ever before. However, this resurgence in popularity came after the Outer Range star had already been in the business for more than two decades. For anyone who may not have been aware of that, we’ll point out all of the best Noah Reid movies and TV shows you should check out on streaming or on VOD, starting with his most recent acting effort.

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