New funding for AIDS memorial fuels progress to honor legacies

Thanks to the efforts of the Palm Springs Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Sculpture Task ForcePalm Springs is moving closer to having its own memorial sculpture to forever immortalize the lives lost to AIDS.

A vibrant team of intrepid souls have fueled the project for some time, chief among them fundraising titans Ellen Wolf and Paul Clowers of the Palm Springs Development Department. Dan Spencera successful architect, is also in the mix as task force spokesperson.

Collectively, all parties hope to see an AIDS memorial sculpture in a downtown Palm Springs park by 2023.

One purpose of the Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Sculpture is to assure that the stories of those who lost their lives to HIV and AIDS will be remembered.

“We have always wanted an iconic piece that is really art with a purpose,” Spencer says of the project. “It would combine several wonderful things about our community and be something we can have forever.”

Spencer has contributed to the nonprofit sector for some time. He’s worked with a variety of medical facilities and gay youth centers and was on the design team for the Key West AIDS Memorial. After moving to Palm Springs more than 10 years ago, he gave a presentation at the Palm Springs Art Museum and noted that an AIDS memorial sculpture would be a stellar addition to the town and its sculptural landscape.

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