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KENDALLVILLE — Audiences are in for a fairy-tale ride through the Land of Music in “Musicville,” the 2022 production of Gaslight Playhouse’s annual Children’s Theater Workshop.

The show opens tonight at 7:30 pm in the Community Learning Center’s historic auditorium, with a second performance Saturday night at 7:30 pm Tickets are $5 per person, and may be purchased in advance at the CLC or at the door.

“Musicville” is set in the town of Melody Meadows, bustling with excitement ahead of its annual music festival. Maiden Melody, the Queen’s daughter, and her best friend, Radical Rhythm, uncover a plot by her uncle, the Sorcerer of Silence, and his henchmen to forever stop the music with a magical potion.

On their quest to save the festival, Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm pass through the Desert of Doo-wop, the Ocean of Opera, and the Terrible Terrain of Tango, meeting musical friends and foes along the way. Their journey teaches them about new kinds of music, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of working together.

The cast includes:

Maiden Melody: Lynden Boese

Radical Rhythm: Jenna Opper

Queen Grandstaff: Raylin Terry

Father Rhythm: Carson Fisher

Off Beat: Lizzie Dean

Townspeople: Stella Nivens, Hydee Hall

Sorcerer of Silence: Luke Zuehsow

Breath-Mark: Mikayla Bolinger

Half-Rest: Eleanor Nivens

Eighth-Rest: Elaina Nivens

Solo of Soul: Hydee Hall

Stocky: Vita Carella

Composer of Ahhhs: Karalynn Vanderpool

Counterpoint: Carson Fisher

Bitty Bass: Raylin Terry

Talented Tenor: Phoenix Golden

Low E: Everleigh Harris

Doo Wop: Ivy Cole

Piano: Maribel Villanueva

Forte: Alli Calhoun

Trill: Karalynn Vanderpool

Accent: Ivy Cole

Fermata: Vita Carella

Repeat: Lizzie Dean

Tangy Error: Finn McCord

Syncopation: Stella Nivens

Tanguerros: Mikayla Bolinger, Everleigh Harris

Jenna Boese, Nicole Boese are co-directors for the production. Kim Mettert is musical director with assistand Emma White. Kassi Vanderpool is assistant director.

Choreographers are Addison Dills, Ally Blackburn, Olivia Hesher, Sadie Potts, Gabi Schermerhorn and Madi Grawcock. Kavin Ley is technical coordinator, with Kolton Hunter on flies.

Backstage volunteers are Korynn Freels, Maverick Butler, Taylor Short and Addison Hampshire.

The Children’s Theater Workshop was founded by Gaslight Playhouse board member Sally Peterson in 1981, and performed its first show in Floral Hall on the Noble County Fairgrounds. Charris Lehman served as director from 1984 until 1987, when Jo Drudge took the helm of the workshop, directing each show until 2019.

Most CTW performances were held at Cole Auditorium at East Noble High School or at the former Kendallville Middle School, now the Community Learning Center.


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