Most Intriguing Ways Mobile Apps Are Changing the Business of Entertainment

Apps have changed the way we experience the internet and therefore they’ve also changed almost every industry. The same is happening in the business of entertainment as well. The industry is very much tech-savvy and it’s working with tech-savvy users as well.

Mobile devices are the future of the medium if not the present. That’s why every part of the entertainment industry is looking for a way to use them. Many of them are already revolutionizing the field by doing so.


There are many popular casino apps out there and there are going to be many more. The gambling industry was always on the cutting edge of the tech side of things and this is the case now as well. Many young players are gambling on their phones alone and the pandemic has also made a push in this direction.

Live events are therefore the most important part of this change since they are a way for the casino to mimic the look and feel of actually going into a casino. This experience is getting better with every new app iteration.

Independent Creation Platform

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to find new and unique creators. Platforms for small and independent creators have been popping up every now and then and they are changing the entertainment industry. This is because they provide a sense of authenticity that you can’t get from a professional production.

Tik Tok is the best example of this when it comes to online videos, but there are others as well. Patreon and many others are doing a great job when it comes to publishing and connecting artists with their audiences.

Marketing and Promotions

It’s essential that you’re able to promote your work in the entertainment industry. Apps are playing a big role in how this is done and how to reach a wide range of audiences. Payment methods and reach are both improved by connecting the app with other, common digital services.

Algorithms used by social media make it easier to find like-minded audiences and creators alike. It also affects the art and the entertainment itself since it becomes tailored to the algorithm at least somewhat. This can be both a good and a bad thing depending on your outlook.

Trends and Easy to Set

Using apps and especially those with a social media component makes it easier for the entertainment industry to create and join trends. This also leads to your work being seen by more people and it makes it appear more authentic. There’s also a downside to this that the industry needs to be aware of.

It also means that the trends are easier to get replaced and forgotten. The lifespan of each trend is becoming shorter in every cycle. This means that a lot of great content gets overlooked and disappears way too quickly. It can also be rather challenging for the artists involved in producing it.

Subtitles are Now Common

Subtitles used to be a mark of a serious film or at least a foreign and less comprehensive one. However, for a new generation of content users, subtitles are a part of day-to-day life and a common occurrence since they can be found on any app.

There’s also an inclusive element to this approach since all content is now adjusted for those with hearing loss. As is always the case the medium affects the artists and they are making content by working with subtitles and using them in creative ways.

Interacting with the Content

Enjoying content is no longer solitary or a one-way activity. There’s always a community around the content you’re consuming and you can easily find one when it comes in the app form. The creators also encourage the viewers to do so and to discuss the work.

They are aware of the buzz that their work is creating as well and are often influenced by it. It’s a new way to experience entertainment and many would argue that it’s a more democratic one. This isn’t always a good thing, but it’s a fact.

Less Piracy If Not None at All

Piracy has always been an issue when it comes to the creative and entertainment industry. There was never a way to effectively deal with it, especially on the technical side of things. However, the subscription-based model is doing the trick and there’s less piracy than ever.

That way the end-user feels that they are supporting the creators they want by paying for their fair share and for the most part, they get more content than they could handle. It especially helps the small and independent creators.


Apps are playing a big role in the entertainment industry. They are becoming the common way to consume media and interact with it. The same goes for games and gambling which are now almost entirely app-oriented. There are many advantages to using apps and the industry is aware of it since it’s always on the cutting edge of new tech.

An interesting thing about using apps so much is that they affect the artists as much as the users. It’s affecting both commercial and artistic decisions. There’s both an upside and downside to this, but the fact is that apps are here to stay at least for a little while, as mobile devices are the norm in terms of media we use.

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