Memrise Launches Immersive Language Learning Music Lessons

The app is harnessing the power of music to enhance language learning capabilities for users globally

LONDON, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Memrise (, the language-learning platform with 60 million users, has launched a series of immersive lessons that combines language learning with music, based on popular billboard songs globally, to coincide with World Music Day today.

“To learn a language, listening to native speakers actually speak the words you have just learned, or sing them, is by far the most effective method… and what better way to do that listening than to songs you like?” – Steve ToyCEO at Memrise.

Anyone who remembers learning their ABCs, memorising their times tables or even experiencing that satisfying moment when you finally nail a tricky verse knows how powerful melodies can be in the learning process. Our brain cycles through audio information in such a way that we retain melodies and word associations quicker than any other learning method.

A study conducted by RUDN University linguists showed that after 20 weeks of 45-minute music classes, participants who did not know foreign languages ​​before mastered 51-90% of the training material and learned to answer questions in English. Cool, right?

Memrise’s new lessons will allow users to learn the lyrics to popular songs around the world, for example, Alors on Danse, Despacito, and Gangnam Style, through immersive videos featuring native speakers, music videos, and flashcards. With these lessons, users can kickstart their learning journey by engaging in the universal language of music.

Fanny Stassar, Senior French Content Producer at Memrise, notes: “Learning a language through melody repetition can make learning more enjoyable, and lets your brain learn in a more natural way. It’s the fun element, and universal recognition of music, that makes all the difference when you’re learning new information. lyric phrases can also open up a new avenue of connecting people globally.”

The Memrise immersive learning method uses artificial intelligence to adapt lessons based on video content. Whenever a video is uploaded, Memrise can create lessons based on real words, phrases and songs used by locals and in this case, music artists, for users to learn at their own pace.

Want to wow your friends, family or pet with your musical language skills? Start learning here.

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About Memrise

Memrise is the language learning platform that teaches you real-world language the locals actually use.

We use audio and video clips of real locals speaking in different situations, plus proven memory techniques, to give people the language skills they need to survive – and thrive – in the real world. This immersive form of language learning helps you develop real-life language competency – and is fun, fast, and addictive.

Founded in 2010 by Ed Cooke and Ben Whatly, Memrise won the Google I/O 2017 ‘Best App Award’. Today, there are just under 60 million Memrise users in 189 countries learning languages ​​on iOS, Android, and Web:

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