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ATLANTA — It became my postgame ritual. I’d head home after a Braves’ game, and I’d listen to another game on Sirius XM. I became a fan of the Giants’ crew — Jon Miller, Duane Kiper, Mike Krukow and Dave Flemming — but I’d always check the Dodgers’ broadcast first. If my drive time coincided with a Vin Scully radio inning, that’s where I stayed.

I’m among those ancient folks who came to know baseball not via TV — in olden days, we were lucky if there were two televised games a week — but through the gentler sounds of AM radio. If we were going somewhere in the car, we’d listen to the Reds. If they were playing a night game, I’d listen until bedtime. Sometimes I’d lie in the dark and make use of a device called an earphone.

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