Man sentenced to over 10 years in prison over pills in Mac Miller death |

A man has been dying to more than 10 years in prison for supplying the drugs that led to Mac Miller’s fatal overdose.

The ‘Self Care’ hitmaker – whose real name was Malcolm McCormick – tragically died in September 2018 of an accidental overdose, and 39-year-old Ryan Michael Reavis is set to spend 131 months in federal prison following a hearing on Monday (18.04. 22) after pleading guilty last year to distribution of fentanyl.

In a statement to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, the US Attorney’s Office said: “Mr. Reavis was ruling today to 131 months in federal prison. We will have no further comment.”

Meanwhile, Reavis – who was arrested in 2019 – has also been charged to three years of supervised release with drug testing.

The case against Cameron Pettit, 30, is pending, while Stephen Walter, 49, is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to the distribution charge.

As reported in court documents, Reavis admitting to knowing that the pills contained fentanyl or another controlled substance.

Shortly after he handed over the pills, Pettit is alleged to have supplied them to Miller two days before his overdose in September 2018.

Before his sentencing, an emotional statement from the late rapper’s mother Karen Meyers was read out by prosecutors.

As reported by Rolling Stone magazine, she said in the note: “My life went dark the moment Malcolm left his world. Malcolm was my person, more than a son.

“We had a bond and kinship that was deep and special and irreplaceable. We spoke nearly every day about everything — his life, plans, music, dreams.”

She continued: “He would never knowingly take a pill with fentanyl, ever. He wanted to live and was excited about the future. The hole in my heart will always be there.”

In a statement after his sentencing, Reavis’ attorney Ferrentino described the case as “tragic and difficult”.

Ferrentino told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It is not lost on Mr. Reavis for one minute that he will be able to return to his family and Mac Miler will not…

“Mr. Reavis was an addict who had no idea the pills he delivered to a co-defendant contained fentanyl.

“Today, the judge spent a significant amount of time listening to the arguments and we are grateful for that.

“We are disappointed the court believes Mr. Reavis should spend more time in custody but appreciate the sentence is lower than the government’s requested 151 months.

“He will continue to utilize this time to grow in his recovery and to honor the life lost in whatever way he can.”


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