Making friends and playing buddies on the court

I often hear from social players who do not feel comfortable going to the public courts on their own. They are hesitant to rotate in without being asked. If there is a white board, they are not sure they can put their name up by themselves and still be included. With the paddle saddles, it is easier to rotate in, since your paddle is in the queue, and the next three must play with you, or put their paddles behind and wait. If paddles are lined up on the fence, in a “next up” line, you would try to find one, two or three others who need a fourth.

During the pandemic, most players were shut down and only wanted to play with people they knew. It was easy to exclude strangers because of the health risk. People stayed in their own foursomes as much as possible. It was a convenient excuse to keep to your own group, and it was difficult for new players to find a way to rotate in and meet players.

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