LISTEN: Miranda Lambert Teases Fans With Minute Long Clip Of Unreleased New Song “Strange”

Miranda Lambert is teasing fans with an unreleased new song, which fans seem to think is a taste of what’s to come on her upcoming new album.

On Wednesday, March 2, the country superstar shared a minute-long clip to YouTube of an unreleased song called “Strange.”

The YouTube video is just a photo of Lambert wearing a cowboy hat, soundtracked by the new song, which finds Lambert singing, “Couple hundred dollars feels more like change, yeah / times like these make me feel strange / have a smoke / buy a round / get on a dayliner going anywhere bound / pick a string / sing the blues / dance a hole in your shoes / do anything to keep you sane / times like these make me feel strange cause / times like these make me feel strange / Country don’t twang / Rock and roll ain’t loud / Every elevator only ever goes down / Everybody’s lookin’ for a little cheap fame / Yeah, and times like these make me feel strange.”

“Strange” follows her recently released single “If I Was A Cowboy,” both of which are expected to appear on her yet-to-be announced new album.

According to a Lambert fan page on Instagram, the song is expected to officially be released on March 10.

Listen to the unreleased new song snippet below.

In late February, just hours before her performance at the NHL Stadium Series, Lambert shared a photo holding a postcard, with no explanation other than asking fans to enter their mailing address so they can receive one, but she did say the postcards are a “ road map to something new.”

See the Instagram post of Lambert holding the postcard below.

Miranda Lambert’s New Album is “Finished.”

While she didn’t specify what that “something new” is, it’s likely to be her forthcoming new album.

Recently, Lambert revealed that her new album is “finished” and unlike anything she’s ever done before. During an interview with Billboardthe country hitmaker shared the news that her new album, which was mostly penned at her Tennessee farm, has been completed.

“We are finished and now we’re just tying the bows on all that stuff,” Lambert explained. “I really got to hone in on this project because we wrote most of it in 2020. There are very few writers on this project. ‘Cowboy’ is the first peek of that. I think that was the last one I wrote for this project and the first one we released.”

She continued to share that “[The album] has a vibe and it’s different than I’ve ever done, but it’s obviously still me. When I sing, it’s straight-up country, no matter which way I twist it. But yeah, it’s got a bit of a thing to it, that’s all I’ll say.” Lambert later added, “I’ve got some stuff coming out that is from a really creative time.”

Miranda Lambert; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

As fans eagerly await the release of Lambert’s forthcoming new album, she is currently preparing to head back out on the road for round two of The Bandwagon Tour, beginning May 6 with Little Big Town.

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