Leopoldo Moreau: “It is unusual for Alberto Fernández to dialogue with the UIA and not with Cristina Kirchner”

the national representatives Leopoldo Moreau he got fully into the intern between Alberto Fernandez y Cristina Kirchner and pointed against the President: “At this point I find it unusual that the president announces that he is willing to dialogue with the most concentrated sectors of the Argentine economy, such as the UIA and say that you are not willing to talk with Cristina Kirchner“.

However, the Kirchnerist deputy was of the opinion that the front of all An inmate does not live as is believed: “I am reluctant to consider it in terms of internal because in general, people link the internal ones with bids for space of power or candidacies. And this is not an internal interpreted in that sense, it is an internal discussion that it has to do with something that is far above that, which is the definition of policies”.

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And followed: “That is what differentiates us from together for change because that is an internalthat they are debating in advance who is going to be the candidate for president, if they are going to admit so-and-so or so-and-so or they are going to kick him out.”

“When you face a situation of this nature you have to defend two things, not only an electoral result but a political identity because if you lose both things simultaneously, you have no return”assured in dialogue with the radio Futurock.

“The president has the last but not the only word,” assured Leopoldo Moreau. (Photo: AFP)

“What I think is defined in the Frente de Todos is that there is leadership and political centrality that is undeniable, which is Cristina Kirchner. On the other hand, in institutional terms there is an unavoidable fact that it is the president who makes the final decisions. The president has the last, but not the only word. And that is what is now in question.”

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In addition, Moreau was excited about a potential candidacy of Cristina Kirchner for the 2023 presidential elections, although he does not believe that the vice president is interested at this time.

Leopoldo Moreau criticized the agreement with the IMF

In addition, the national deputies criticized again the agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF): “I do not analyze in relation to the continuity or not of ministers, but of policies. What I am clear about is that embracing the IMF’s economic program is not the way“.

Then, he called it a “wet paper”: It seems to me that in that sense you have to hit a rudder quicklyamong other things, because the agreement with the IMF was poorly conceived and poorly managed and also became a dead letter”.

“Today the guidelines of that program lead us to a scenario of inflation with a very growing sense. What needs to be done is to detach from the IMF program, reformulating goals and projectionsLeopold concluded.

The social movements demanded that the government stop the inmates: “It’s a clown fight”

In one of the most fiery speeches, Gildo Honored He asked that “they no longer lie in the name of Peronism. If they want to do Peronism, it is with the workers”, he stated.

He also asked to stop the inmates in the Frente de Todos: “It’s a clown palace fight“,” he affirmed, “while the real problems are in the neighborhoods.”

And he closed with tacit support for Alberto Fernández: “We defend investiture, We are not functional to weaken the government

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