Lauren Boebert Gets Bible-Schooled After Easter-Jesus Tweet

Rootin’ tootin Lauren Boebert couldn’t help herself on Easter. She had to stir the pot, but shockingly enough, she didn’t post a photo of her family posing with guns. That previous bit led the owner of Shooter’s Grill to act all kinds of triggered when SNL responded with a parody sketch of Boebert’s Rifle Republican ways, and cast member Chloe Fineman first described Lauren’s freakout as belonging to an “actual clown.”

So, Boebert kind-of played it safe for this holiday, but she did decide to throw a grenade into Twitter before walking away. Yet she did, as is customary for her, show off that she (as with the constitution) hasn’t studied up on the source material. And of course, Boebert used this to rail against Covid lockdowns, which are, uh, completely nonexistent at this point in the US

“Jesus did not comply with lockdowns,” Boebert merrily tweeted. “Happy Easter!”

Alright, so this might have been some kind of play on Jesus rising and busting out of the cave, but at the same time, Boebert attributed her own beliefs without (again) studying what she’s tweeting about. Twitter had the receipts for her (along with a “Read your Bible”) while pointing toward a plague reference and how some kind of lockdown/plague practice was a biblical thing. As one user pointed out (with a translation that varies), Leviticus 13:46 sure as heck had a process in place for plague mitigation.

From there, people piled on to point out Boebert’s inconsistencies, including how Jesus didn’t bear arms, which would probably sting if Boebert had been reading her replies. Does she do so? She’ll never tell.

And this “Jesus was about the resurrection, not the insurrection” tweet is here for wordplay.


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