Knox News guest columnist, Christian loves both Jesus and strippers

On June 2, Judge Steven Sword ordered the closure of the Ball Gentlemen’s Club on the grounds of it being a public nuisance, citing numerous police visits to the business over the last five years. John Nichols, owner of the Ball, has asserted that many of these complaints were either unsubstantiated or a result of trespassers on the property who had been denied entry or expelled from the establishment. District Attorney Charme Allen’s statement on the closure claimed the staff of the Ball was “either unwilling or incapable” of addressing the issues and called the business “a haven for criminal activity.”

However, the Ball has the highest, most stringent security measures of any adult entertainment venue in the area, including trained and armed security personnel, metal detectors and security cameras throughout the premises. So why is this business being demonized, slandered and penalized to the point of closing?

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