Kevin Hart And Woody Harrelson’s New Action Movie Is Heading To Streaming

Kevin Hart has been part of a few legendary buddy comedy pairings over the years, starring alongside Will Ferrell, Ice Cube and, of course his best buddy Dwayne Johnson. Next up, the comedian is pairing up with Venom‘s Woody Harrelson for a fun action flick called The Man From Toronto. In a shakeup for the movie, it will be coming to streaming instead of theaters this summer.

The Man From Toronto will reportedly become available exclusively to those with a Netflix subscription later this year, per Variety. The decision falls under a previous deal Sony and Netflix made one year ago in regards to the streaming service getting the rights to the studio’s films after an 18-month theatrical exclusivity window. Or, in The Man From Toronto‘s case, a number of Sony films will instead skip their theatrical runs and go directly to Netflix, in lieu of the studio not having its own streaming service to call its own.

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