Jackass & Other Films & Shows to Watch on Netflix May 21-22 2022

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. However, for those looking for something to binge in between beach trips, lakeside getaways and neighborhood barbecues, plenty of new shows and movies have been released on Netflix this past week. That includes everything from family-friendly animated fare to spellbinding thrillers as summer looms on the horizon.

Here are all the biggest and best television series and original movies available to stream on Netflix this weekend, from the return of acclaimed original shows to the finales of fan-favorite shows.

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The G Word with Adam Conover Shines a Light on the Government

After hosting three seasons of the educational comedy series Adam Ruins Everything, television personality and comedian Adam Conover is turning his attention to the government. The Netflix original miniseries The G Word with Adam Conover delves into the intricacies of the federal government, from its unsung services to its bureaucratic flaws. Slated to run for six episodes, Conover is poised to offer a hilarious and informative tour through the American government as only he can.

In addition to Conover’s signature sardonic hosting style, The G Word Has Conover bring in plenty of guest stars to help him deliver each lesson. With its set of goofy sketches to make each episode more mirthful in its serious subject matter, Conover and his team also continue to bring a high level of research to depict their topics. The production spent three years crafting The G Word, And Conover is ready to dive into the contentious subject and bring some hard truths to light with laughs along the way.

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Jackass 4.5 Explores the Gang’s Latest Misadventures

Eleven years after Jackass 3DJohnny Knoxville and the rest of his irascible band of buddies reunited for more self-inflicted punishment and pranks with this year’s Jackass Forever. As with previous films released in the wacky franchise, the antics behind the fourth movie got explored and expanded with the supplementary film Jackass 4.5. This alternate look at Jackass Forever is coming to Netflix as a timed exclusive, offering a fresh perspective on the fan-favorite ensemble’s latest project together.

Jackass 4.5 contains stunts and pranks that did not make the final cut of the theatrical film, with enough material for a standalone release of the crew back in action. And in addition to these extra stunts, Jackass 4.5 provides a behind-the-scenes look Jackass Forever’s production, including interviews with the cast and crew. For those looking for even more hilarity as the Jackass team welcomes a new generation of performers, Jackass 4.5 is an invaluable look at the gang’s reunion.

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Who Killed Sara? Finally Resolves Its Longstanding Mystery

One original crime on Netflix that has kept audiences guessing across its run is the Mexican thriller Who Killed Sara?. The third and final season is here, providing an answer to its eponymous question, following protagonist Álex Guzmán after he gets wrongfully convicted of murdering his sister Sara eighteen years before the start of the series. That puts him on a collision course with the Lazcano family and an insidious conspiracy that spans Mexico.

Every step, there’s been twists and turns surrounding Sara’s murder that have kept the audience pondering just as they think they figured it all out. Who Killed Sara? is a solidly crafted thriller that takes advantage of its setting, filmed throughout Mexico City and Guadalajara. Across three seasons, this is a murder mystery that had its audience question everything they knew about the story so far.

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Love, Death & Robots Returns for Its Third Genre-Bending Volume

One of the most acclaimed, visually striking original series animated properties at Netflix is ​​its anthology series Love, Death & Robots. Each episode offers its own standalone science fiction story, employing different animation styles and alternating between humor, horror, action and everything in between. The series returns for its third volume this month, boasting even more sci-fi and fantasy stories for audiences to lose themselves in.

Volume 3 will contain nine episodes and features another impressive lineup of animators and filmmakers to bring these stories to life. And in an interesting twist on the usual standalone nature of the series, Volume 3 will also include two episodes that continue stories and premises introduced in the first volume. With its original tales and beautiful mix of top-tier animation styles, Love, Death & Robots remains the gold standard in animated television in North America.

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The Boss Baby Puts the Pressure on Its Fan-Favorite Infant

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that The Boss Baby has become a global entertainment phenomenon. Since the 2017 original film, the animated franchise has seen a sequel and television spinoff, with the world of Ted Templeton getting even bigger in the new series The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib. And by the look of things, the infant businessman has not lost a single, smooth step.

After Ted Templeton gets framed for a corporate crime, he must return to his Boss Baby roots to clear his name and get back at those that wronged him. Living undercover with his brother Tim, Ted is ready to get to the bottom of these white-collar shenanigans. The Boss Baby has always delivered on its self-assured swagger, and this new series ups the ante for the Templeton family.


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