Humble Choice Games for May 2022 Explained

With a new month rolling around, it means a whole new batch of games for those subscribed to Humble Choice. The service has proven to be a great way for gamers to fill out their Steam libraries for $11.99/month, with a portion of that going to charity. This month, Humble subscribers will be treated to eight different games of varying size. While they are not all AAA games, there are surely some inside the May bundle that will provide hours of entertainment.


The titles included in the May 2022 Humble Choice bundle hit a wide variety of different genres. Platformer fans can check out SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, fans of real-time strategy can boot up Command & Conquer Remastered Collectionand those who prefer managing a business can play Spellcaster University. There are many titles on offer, and some may become someone’s new favorite.

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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Command & Conquer was once the premiere RTS franchise, and almost every fan of the genre has fond memories of the series. However, the series went quiet after a couple of mediacre releases and a mobile game. Then in 2020, the franchise returned to its roots with the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, and fans were ecstatic. The collection remasters the first title in the series along with its prequel, Red Alert. It brings the games back with a modernized UI, map editor, rebuilt multiplayer, and 4K graphics. It is the perfect title for fans of the RTS genre, and will surely fill Command & Conquer fans with nostalgia. Those who wish to redeem this title need to have Origin installed as it only offers an Origin key.


Embr is nothing like Command & Conquer. In Embr, players must team up with their friends to fight fires and save lives. The game puts them in the shoes of firefighers as they try to make some cash and save the day. Not everything they do is strictly legal, as the game allows them to snatch the valuables of their most wealthy customers when they are not looking. The game has 25 unique levels of varying difficulty that players can progress through with up to four people. It also offers a large collection of unlockable customizations and gear, and it will surely provide some fun multiplayer mayhem.

Genesis Noir

Sometimes all someone wants to do is play a point and click adventure, and that is where Genesis Noir comes in. The player controls No Man, a simple watch peddler who has been caught up in a love triangle with cosmic beings. No Man witnesses a gunshot fired by a jealous god, most commonly known as The Big Bang, and players will have to embark on an adventure to prevent or destroy creation to save the one they love. They will witness the birth of mankind on their quest to destroy them in hopes that they can stop the bullet from piercing the love of their life. The game is a wild one, and a unique point and click adventure that may just surprise those who give it a look.

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If Found…

Instead of embarking on a quest to destroy mankind, players must try to save it in If Found… The game takes place in 1993 and follows Jasio as she returns to her home and destroys her diary. What follows is a riveting tale about conflict, friendships, and impending destruction. A black hole has formed that threatens the entire world, and only Jasio can figure out how to stop it. The game features hand-drawn art alongside a pretty good soundtrack, and it may just leave players in tears.

Planet Zoo

The third theme park game from Frontier, Planet Zoo, may be one of the most engrossing zoo simulators around, Players are given control over virtually every aspect of their zoo and its inhabitants. The focus here is more so on the look and feel of the zoo rather than the business side, but there is still some depth to the management aspect. Players have to balance the wants and needs of their guests alongside the animals in hopes they can make the best zoo possible. They can play through a series of zoos in campaign mode or enter the sandbox and let their imagination run wild. The base game offers a lot of content to chew through, and there are many DLC packs that can be purchased that only expand the offerings.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

In 2020, THQ Nordic surprised everyone when it released SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. The last time that a major SponeBob title was released was back in 2015, and Rehydrated was bringing back the cult classic 2003 game of the same name. Many were skeptical, but THQ delivered on a pretty fun and fateful SpongeBob platformer. Players can control SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy as they fight to save Bikini Bottom from Plankton. THQ not only modernized the gameplay and the graphics, but it also added a new multiplayer mode and restored content that was previously cut. The game was so successful that a brand-new platformer is on the horizon, making it the perfect time to jump into Rehydrated.

Spellcaster University

One thing that a lot of Harry Potter fans dream of is being able to run their own version of Hogwarts. Spellcaster University fulfills that dream, as it puts players in control of their very own magical university in a colorful fantasy world. Players are given control over the look and feel of their university as they manage the needs of the students that attend it. The game uses a deck system where certain choices access certain decks which make no two playthroughs alike. Not only do they have to manage the students needs, but they also have to interact with the different factions of the world and be prepared to combat the evil dark lord. While it may have zero connections to Harry Potterfans of the franchise will no doubt have some fun managing their own magical school.

Surviving The Aftermath

The final game in this month’s Humble Choice is Surviving The Aftermath. In this title, players must build and manage a colony of survivors after an apocalyptic event ravaged Earth. They must prepare for the dangers that exist in this new world as they meet the needs of their colonists. The game will force players to make tough choices as they decide the fate of their colony and do everything they can to keep humanity alive. Along with that, they will explore a procedurally generated world to meet other colonies and discover the truth about what caused the end of the world. It can be a very stressful management game, but one that simulation fans will spend hours conquering.

Anyone who wants to get access to these eight titles has until June 6 to subscribe on the Humble Bundle website. On June 7, a whole new batch of games will be revealed and the May bundle will disappear.

Humble Choice for May 2022 is available now until June 6.

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