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If for just one day, everybody in America had free reign to murder each other, would you survive? What does it take to be one of the lucky few to survive the bloody night? Coming to HBO Max, “The Forever Purge” is the sixth film in the eponymous series, and takes place eight years after “The Purge: Election Year” (2016). The movie is available for streaming starting on Friday, April 15 and you can watch with an HBO Max subscription.

How to Watch ‘The Forever Purge’

Does HBO Max Offer a Free Trial?

No, HBO Max does not offer a free trial. If you sign-up for their annual plan, you can get HBO Max for just $12.50 a month when you pre-pay for a full year, which saves you 16%.

You can also get a 7-Day Free Trial of HBO Max via Hulu. You will need to sign-up on the Hulu website and then authenticate by selecting Hulu as your TV Provider.

New Hulu Subscribers

  • Click here to activate the offer

  • Click “Sign-Up Now”
  • Create Your Account
  • Click “Manage Add-Ons”
  • Add Your 7-Day Free Trial of HBO Max
  • Once you’re subscribed, use your Hulu credentials to log in to the HBO Max App on your streaming device

Existing Hulu Subscribers

If you are an existing Hulu subscriber:

  • Click your Profile
  • Click “Account”
  • Click “Manage Add-Ons”
  • Add HBO Max Free Trial

Sign-up For HBO Max Directly

If you have already used a free trial of HBO Max through Hulu, you will have to pay to watch “The Forever Purge.” Though it isn’t free, you could sign up for HBO Max to enjoy the streaming service’s other offerings.

How to Get HBO Max

  • Click here to sign-up
  • Click “Sign Up Now”
  • Select “Prepay & Save”
  • Create Your Account
  • Add Your Payment Information
  • Click “Start Subscription”

About ‘The Forever Purge’

Purge nights may have been going on for years, but so far, Juan and Adela have managed to survive the annual catastrophes. It’s small comfort as they scramble through the dark sewers leading from Mexico to Texas, but at least they have each other. Ten months after the last purge, they both have jobs: Adela is employed at a meat-packing plant; Juan is working for some wealthy ranchers. Their workplace problems are about to get a lot smaller, as the dreaded purge is only a day away.

The story stars Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta as Adela and her husband, Juan.

It’s a filterless violation of all the rules when a sect of lawless marauders wants to pursue the purge past the daybreak cutoff. With masked killers murdering families in broad daylight and a country spiraling back into chaos, “The Forever Purge” is cranking the violence and gore up to 11.

Past the action and the spectacle, “The Forever Purge” does carry a political message. Classism, xenophobia, and exploitation are core elements of the story, adding gravitas and pathos to the struggle against neo-nazi, racist villains. These clear antagonists make it easy to root for Juan and Adela, decent people trying to endure terror. Watch “The Forever Purge” on Friday, April 15 with an HBO Max subscription.

Preview for ‘The Forever Purge’

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