How old is Katherine Kelly Lang? Bold and Beautiful star reveals injuries after horse-riding accident

American actress Katherine Kelly Lang opened up about her horseback riding accident and the surgery that it required afterwards.

Taking to her Instagram handle on May 9, Lang shared a series of pictures where in the caption she revealed that she had surgery after three broken bones following a terrible accident that led her to the hospital.

In the post, Lang, aged 60, said that she joined several pals for what “started out as a beautiful ride” the day before Mother’s Day. They planned to go roughly 40 miles to prepare for a 50-mile horse race in June.

However, things started to go wrong about the 16-mile mark. Lang decided to take a break from her horse and ride along a trail.

The route became too steep and rough for Lang to safely walk, so she stumbled and broke her left foot. She wrote:

“My ankle and foot are dislocated off to the left at a 90 degree angle to my leg. I pushed it back into place. It was so gross but I had to do it.”

Lang stated that a stranger dialed 911, and her friends were there to care for her horse and cheer her up until help arrived.

“The ambulance took me to the hospital and the xrays showed 3 broken bones in my ankle. Had surgery late that night and now have rods, pins, and screws in my ankle.”

Lang further noted that she has been advised not to bear weight on her foot for the coming six weeks, but she still hopes to heal as quickly as possible and go to work later this week. Concluding her post, she wrote:

“I am not a happy camper when things slow me down like this. And there is always a lesson to learn. Not sure what that lesson is yet but will have the time to contemplate #staypositive.”

All about Katherine Kelly Lang

Born on July 25, 1961, Katherine Kelly Lang is a native of Hollywood, California and is one of the three children of Olympic long-jump skier Keith Wegeman and actress Judy Lang.

The Joks star graduated from Beverly Hills High School, and her focus was on training for the Olympics rather than studying or pursuing acting.

However, her interests took a turn. After taking a few acting classes, she was cast as Patrick Swayze’s sister in 1979’s film Skatetown USA

She signed with an agency and quickly got roles on television programs such as Happy Days (1974), Magnum, PI (1980), and The Last Precinct (1981). Lang also had a brief role as Gretchen in The Young and the Restless (1973), which led to appearances in films such as The Night Stalker (1987) Desperate Lives (1982).

At the age of 26, Katherine Kelly Lang secured the role of Brooke Logan, a blue collar chemistry student destined for riches, in an in-development soap drama. Lang has been a front-runner almost since the premiere of The Bold and the Beautiful (1987).

Lang starred in cross-over storylines on sister soap The Young And The Restless in 1999 and 2007. Katherine Kelly Lang, bagged her first Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2013. The following year, she was nominated for another Emmy, this time for Lead Actress.

Lang enjoys sports and the outdoors in her leisure time. She owns multiple horses and competes in cross-country events of 25 and 50 miles, as well as triathlons.


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