‘House Of The Dragon’ Sea Snake Actor Actually Gets Seasick

The second episode of HBO’s House of the Dragon featured some tense alliances in turmoil and ended with a new one potentially taking on a sinister threat. And what’s clear about the show about, well, dragons, is that a lot of it will involve the water.

That’s good news for Steve Toussaint, the actor who plays the Sea Snake, Lord Corlys. And it’s apparently also bad news for Steve Toussaint, the actor who plays the Sea Snake and is having a bit of trouble keeping his stomach in check on the water.

In an interview with the New York Times, the actor admitted that in recent months he’s had some trouble keeping his stomach in check the last few times he’s been on the water.

“It’s a weird thing,” he said, laughing. “The last couple of times I’ve been on a boat, I suddenly started getting seasick. I’ve never had that in my life, but just recently it started happening.”

Through two episodes and some sneak peek trailers there hasn’t been any clear evidence we’ll see Toussaint on a boat this season, though with the powers of CGI he may not have to actually get on the water much anyway. But there’s definitely some danger coming for Toussaint’s character, as a battle with Crabfeeder looms large on the horizon. And then there’s that (spoilers incoming) alliance with Daemon Targaryen that seems to have solidified at the end of Episode Two, the second instance in the hourlong drama where Corlys got deep into treasonous territory.

Toussaint was asked about that, too, and had some interesting things to say about what his character feels he can do given how important he is to the safety of the Targaryen crown.

In terms of the character, the resentment that Corlys has for what he considers these privileged people helps me a lot. In fact, there were some points where Ryan would have to rein me in and go: “If you spoke to the king like that, you’d have your head cut off. You’ve gone too far.” It would be more difficult for someone like — and I didn’t have this discussion with them, so I don’t know — Paddy or maybe Gavin Spokes [who plays the Small Council member Lord Lyonel Strong], whose characters have to be mindful of not upsetting people and trying to keep the balance. I never felt that way with my character.

There is a side to him that is, as far as he’s concerned, above the rules. Also, he knows just how valuable he is for the realm, because he controls the majority of the navy. So he knows he’s got a little bit more leeway.

The full interview is worth parsing for sure, as it also includes his reaction to some unfortunate racist backlash to his casting as Lord Corlys. But Toussaint has certainly found his bearings playing the role, even if he’s struggling to find his sea legs in real life.

[via NY Times]


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