HASA Launches a New Way to Maintain Sanitizer in Backyard Swimming Pools

SAUGUS, Calif., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HASA, Inc. (www.Hasa.com), the leading manufacturer of premium liquid chlorine for swimming pools and spas, has formally announced the launch of its new automated liquid pool chlorine delivery system, the HASA Liquid Feeder. The company has also teamed with Sutro® (www.mysutro.com), maker of the industry’s leading Smart Pool Water Monitor testing device and application. HASA and Sutro® will unveil a grander partnership at next week’s Western Pool and Spa Show on March 1011, and 12 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in CaliforniaBooth #441.

The HASA Liquid Feeder is the perfect solution to make backyard pool sanitizing easier and hassle-free for service pros and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pool owners,” said Rick Sawin, Vice President of Pool, Distribution and Sales. Designed to automatically feed swimming pools using our high-performance Sani-Clor® sodium hypochlorite, the HASA Liquid Feeder (HLF) delivers exceptional water quality that is safer for pool owners and families and offers the best cost per use sanitizing method on the market—with no increased cyanuric acid (CYA) from trichlor tablets. HASA also is proud to partner with Sutro® and its Smart Pool Water Monitor for trusted, state-of-the-art pool water testing that works in tandem with our new liquid feed system.”

The HASA Liquid Feeder delivers improved styling and functionality over the brand’s previous feeder. The system is simple to operate and install and is completely non-electrical. HASA’s automated solution also eliminates the need for trichlor tab floaters in the pool, and feeds whenever the filter pump is running. Because it holds up to 8 gallons of Sani-Clor® liquid sanitizer and feeds for up to 3 weeks or more, using the HASA Liquid Feeder can extend the time between service visits—saving pros and pool owners time and money.

The Sutro® Smart Pool Water Monitor is a simple, safe, and seamless way to measure, monitor, and get recommendations on how to treat pool water. The system consists of a floating robot for a pool (or spa) and provides accurate measurements regarding overall water quality, free chlorine, bromine, pH level, and total alkalinity. Using the Sutro® Smartphone or desktop app, pool service techs, pool owners, and retail stores can easily evaluate water balance in one centralized dashboard. The app will notify users when an action is needed and what exactly to do. Through Sutro®‘s AI capabilities, right-sizing chemical additions, at the right time, will now be possible—helping pool owners save money with safe water.

“We are thrilled to be working with HASA to get one step closer to a fully autonomous system for both sense and dispense,” said Ravi KuraniPresident and Founder of Sutro®. The HASA Liquid Feeder-Sutro® partnership will establish a platform for accurate measurement utilizing DPD and liquid chlorine distribution to ensure right size dosing for your water. We’re excited at the future of the Sutro® robotics platform to understand and monitor water chemistry to build the next phase of water safety and management.”

To learn more, please visit www.Hasa.com/liquid-feeder and www.MySutro.com.

About HASA
HASA, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality water treatment products used to sanitize and maintain water systems, including swimming pools, water tanks and containment vessels for recreational, industrial and municipal end markets. Founded in 1964, the company operates out of facilities in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Texas.

About Sutro®
Sutro® is the simple, safe, and seamless way to manage your pool (or spa) water. At Sutro®, we know the reason you bought your pool in the first place — to create lasting memories. That’s why we created the Sutro® Smart Monitor and our partnership network to take all the hassle out of pool and spa water maintenance. Our solution allows you to make those lasting memories without worrying about the quality and safety of your water. With Sutro®you will fall in love with your pool (or spa) again.



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