Harley Quinn’s Response to Red Hood’s Death Show Why They’re Not Allies

Harley Quinn’s sense of humor regarding Red Hood’s gruesome murder may spell trouble for her if Harley ever wants to team up with Jason Todd.

It seems like Harley Quinn’s sense of humor may be the biggest obstacle at her ever bonding with the Bat-Family’s Red Hood. An off-the-cuff joke at Jason Todd’s expense shows a remarkably cruel side to Harley and proves the two might not ever get along.

In a moment that showed the darkest side of the Joker, the villain had Jason Todd kidnapped back during the hero’s tenure as Robin and bludgeoned him with a crowbar. To cap off the sidekick’s worst moment, he was left in a building rigged with bombs which killed the Boy Wonder by explosion. The death of Jason Todd is a moment in Joker’s history that serves as a crown jewel among Joker’s many accomplishments. Few villains were able to hurt Batman as badly as Joker did when he took the life of the second Robin, putting the clown in a league of his own.


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But despite the seriousness of that tragedy, it doesn’t mean some villains haven’t gotten a sick kick out of it. In Harley Quinn #25 by Karl Kesel and Craig Rousseau, Harley works with the Joker to send Batman down a rabbit hole of misinformation. Using Harley to deliver fake clues, the Joker torments Batman by having the hero waste his time trying to figure out what the clown’s latest criminal plot is, even though Joker isn’t actually working on anything. All of Joker’s clues are meaningless, but Batman thinks the jokes imply Joker is about to attack a novelty gag convention, which does pique the Joker’s interest. Harley doesn’t think it’s a good idea and suggests adding a joke about a clown killing a sidekick to throw Batman off the scent. Joker doesn’t find her joke funny since “that really happens.

Harley Quinn Red Hood Joker Joke DC Comics

Joker isn’t the only one who wouldn’t find that joke very funny. Jason Todd’s death is a sensitive subject for him and since coming back, it’s clear that the Red Hood has lingering trauma over the worst day of his life. Granted, he was dead when Harley cracked wise and, as a villain, she wouldn’t be the first to joke about a dead hero. But a morbid joke like that could spell trouble for Harley should she try to further ingratiate herself with the Bat-Family.

It’s unfortunate Harley didn’t have a bit more compassion for Jason Todd since she knows firsthand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of abuse. Now that Harley Quinn is a hero, it would serve her well to get on the Bat-Family’s good side. But a sense of humor like Harley’s could wind up making that impossible. Jason might sometimes be portrayed as the black sheep, but his allies wouldn’t put up with jokes like that from others. Of course, it really depends on how Red Hood feels about his death. But with Harley being the Joker’s ex, it’s almost certain Jason would lose his mind hearing her joke about his death. A tasteless joke from Harley Quinneven one in the past, would be all it takes to destroy any potential relationship with Red Hood.

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